Honey Salon by foppish fukubukuro 2016

Honey Salon by foppish is a Japanese accessories brand that has also branched out to fashion. I really love the drawstring pouches of Honey Salon by foppish, which are priced around €20-30. When I was in Japan, I was holding onto one with my initial on it for a long time, but I decided not to buy it after all, as I don't think I would have any practical use for it besides looking pretty on my vanity and it is on the pricey side for just a small pouch. When I discovered that this brand also sold fukubukuro, I decided to get it. So for day 7 of the special Christmas countdown, I have the Honey Salon by foppish fukubukuro of 2016 to show you.

What's inside the Honey Salon by foppish fukubukuro of 2016

Free sized, ¥10,800

- a pink hand bag
- a black clutch
- a purple knit dress
- a pair of earrings
- a hair tie
- a bracelet

The cute, pink hand bag looks nice, although the leather is not really soft. There is a darker pink, cotton lining inside, with two open pockets on the front side and a pocket with a zipper closing on the back side. The only flaw is that it doesn't have a long strap to carry it on the shoulder.

The black fold-up flap clutch has the same dark pink cotton lining as the previous pink hand bag. Inside, there are two open pockets too, but not one with a zipper closing. The dark pink contrasts nicely with the black leather exterior. The clutch itself is closed by a zipper with a leather tassel. It also has a wristband, so at least with this one, it is possible to have both of my two hands free. Although it looks small, I was able to fit my iPad Air and my Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 in it, together with a notebook and some pens. If it also had a pocket in the back for my public transport card and some money for a cup of coffee, it would be the perfect bag for work on the go.   

I really love the purple knit dress. It is made of excellent quality wool and the pastel purple color is really pretty. The label is a nice detail not to miss. 

The furry white earrings was a hit that year and I was considering buying a pair, but luckily, I didn't as I got one in the fukubukuro. 

The hair tie is a bit simple, but the gold sea shell is made of excellent quality and it looks nice on a low pony tail or bun. 

The bracelet is my favorite item of the fukubukuro. It has cute pink, blue, green, thread pulled through a chunky gold bracelet, which reminds me of unicorn hair.



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