Lily Brown fukubukuro 2015

Today is day 4 of the special Christmas countdown (delayed for one day, because of the Jamie's Diner opening in Rotterdam) and I will show you the contents of the Lily Brown fukubukuro of 2015. Lily Brown is just like with Olive des Olive, a totally new brand to me, but based on the contents of previous fukubukuro of this Japanese fashion brand, you get good quality fashion items in a quirky, retro and cute style.

What's inside the Lily Brown fukubukuro 2015   

Free sized, ¥10,800

- a baby blue coat
- a long knit dress
- a striped turtleneck
- a v-neck sweater
- a denim skirt
- a wool hat

I don't own any pastel colored coats (I mainly have black coats) and I just love the baby blue color of this coat. The only thing is that the collar is very awkward. It is just too small, so I am not sure if I am supposed to wear the collar down or popped up. The shape of the coat is also a bit odd. I think this would look nice, if you don't have much curves, but on me, it kind of gives me the shape of a penguin (in a bad way). 

I was surprised to see that the knit dress is so long that it reaches my ankles. I have never seen a knit dress like this, so it is kind of interesting. The knit dress is very body hugging on me and it reminds me a bit of something Kim Kardashian would wear. It does look very sexy for a knit dress, but I prefer wearing a loose fitting jacket or shirt on top. The moss green color of the knit dress is also quite one of a kind. I don't think I have something in my closet that looks alike. 

The striped turtleneck is my favorite item of this fukubukuro. It is a bright neon pink and black striped shirt with a white background. It looks classic with a cute twist. 

The marine blue and white striped, v-neck sweater looks very nice too. It is a staple item that looks great with anything. 

The denim skirt looks a bit simple, but nevertheless, a great item to have in your closet.

I don't own many wool hats, as my hair gets static very easily and my hair always looks horrible, after taking the wool hat off. But the cobalt blue color of the wool hat looks too beautiful to not wear it. 


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