Olive des olive fukubukuro 2015

On day 3 of the special Christmas countdown, I will show you the contents of the Olive des olive fukubukuro of 2015. I was not that familiar with this Japanese brand, but the style seems to be casual cute, so I thought it was okay to take a risk. Also, I saw that in the previous year, they included two jackets in the fukubukuro and that made it really good value for money.

What's inside the Olive des olive fukubukuro of 2015

free size, ¥10,800

- dark red coat
- navy green jacket
- dark blue shirt with flower print bows on the shoulders
- matching flower print skirt
- beige sweater
- beige dress
- sheer white blouse 

The dark red coat is made of a fuzzy wool and it is thick and warm. It has a darker red color than in the video, a bright wine red to be precise. It is nice, but a bit tight around the chest. 

The navy green jacket is a bit thin and it is slightly too manly looking for me, but it is nice for casual days. 

The dark blue shirt with cute, flower print bows on the shoulders and the matching flowy skirt are the best items of this fukubukuro. I really like the cute flower print!

The beige sweater is something that I already have in my closet. I think I have 3 or 4 similar looking sweaters like this, so this item was a bit of a let down. 

The beige dress looks a bit boring, but the details around the waist makes it less ordinary. It would look nice with a colorful shirt underneath. 

The white blouse is a bit too sheer for me, so I would have to wear something underneath. The ribbon around the collar and the pearl buttons are cute details. 

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