Sinterklaas: chocolate bars and Stabilo pens

After checking my previous Sinterklaas posts (in 2014 and in 2015), I noticed that I forgot to write something about Sinterklaas in 2016. So, I dug up the pictures of 2016. I am also trying to eat less snacks now, after my uncles and aunts kept telling me to lose weight, during my holiday in China and Hong Kong. So, there will be no pictures of any Sinterklaas snacks this year (unless I cave in to the delicious scent of kruidnoten, chocolates, and almond filling in the stores and bring home some snacks anyway). 

Last year, I bought two "Speculaas staven" (=sweet almond filling covered with pastry dough) from the HEMA, a bag of Albert Heijn "truffel kruidnoten"(=small crunchy herb cookies covered with truffle chocolate, highly recommended!), and a box of Tony's Chocolonely Limited edition chocolate bars. I also bought two HEMA "speculaas staven" this year, as they are one of my favorite Sinterklaas snacks and I can only eat them once a year around this period, so I made an exception. I only eat one small cube per day, so it should be okay (or at least, that's what I tell myself).

Since I am a grownup now, I don't get any small gifts in my shoe (but I was a good girl the whole year!). So to make up for that, I sometimes buy myself some fancy stationery for Sinterklaas. I once bought this set of 20 colored pens from Stabilo. It is really great for writing and drawing things in my planner. I still have it on my desk.


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