Snidel fukubukuro 2015

The countdown to Christmas has started and I will surprise all my faithful readers, who have supported me through thick and thin, with a new video each day. I have a huge backlog on everything (and nobody complained about it!), so I will take this opportunity to clear out my to do list for my blog.

This is the Snidel fukubukuro of 2015. I know it is a bit late, but it might still be useful for research on which fukubukuro to buy and to see what kind of style the brand had for their fukubukuro in the past. 

What's inside the Snidel fukubukuro of 2015

Free size, ¥10,800

- a long, light brown coat with a wide collar and a tie waist.
- a white turtleneck knit dress
- a grey top with transparent sleeves
- a light green skirt with matching hair band

The coat fits me quite well and worn, it is light and warm. I like the color and the wide collar is a real eye catcher. The only thing is that the fuzzy texture of the coat makes it look a bit like a bathrobe.

I have worn the white, turtleneck knit dress in the winter and I was sweating a lot. It is advised to wear a thin, airy turtleneck shirt underneath, as it can absorb the sweat a bit and the wool is a bit prickly around the neck.

The grey top looked too small for me at first glance, but it is made of a high quality fabric, which is really elastic and expands, while still looking classy. The transparent sleeves are a bit short for the winter season and you can't really wear a long sleeved shirt underneath without it looking weird, but with a warm coat and the heating on inside, warm enough that you don't get a cold in a t-shirt, it should be okay. It is the most luxurious item of the fukubukuro.

The light green skirt with the matching hair band are the items that I am the least satisfied about. The fabric of the skirt and the hair band is a bit flimsy and the color is not that easy to wear. I just don't know how I can wear them. I think the skirt looks better reversed, as the smooth and not too shiny, silky underskirt looks nice.

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