Snidel fukubukuro 2016 (+ extra Peach John fukubukuro!)

For day 10 of the special Christmas countdown, I have the Snidel fukubukuro of 2016 to show you. As an extra Christmas bonus, I will also show you the Peach John fukubukuro in the end of the video. I have not been very lucky with my previous Snidel fukubukuro, which was also my first from this brand, and you now only get 4 clothing pieces, but the promise of an a-line coat with fur details and a knit dress, convinced me to purchase the Snidel fukubukuro in 2016 after all. The Peach John fashion fukubukuro was only ¥3,240 for 4 clothing pieces, so it was worth the risk. Peach John is a famous Japanese lingerie brand and it also has a casual fashion line. I looked through the Peach John Fashion items and I liked what I saw, so I didn't think I would get anything that I would dislike. These are by the way, the last two fukubukuro that I bought in 2016.    

What's inside the Snidel fukubukuro in 2016

Free sized, ¥10,800

- a beige a-line coat with fur sleeve details
- a beige knit dress with transparent sleeves
- a pink sweater 
- a grey cardigan with a gemstones top button 

The beige coat looks very cute. I preferred the black version of it, but the beige is nice too. The fur details on the end of the sleeves can be removed, but it is the only thing that makes the coat look less boring, so I kept them there. The sleeves are a bit short, so I need to wear a warm sweater with longer sleeves underneath to not catch a cold.

The beige knit dress with transparent sleeves is really pretty and there is a cute sprinkle pattern sewn on the sleeves. I like it as much as the top with the transparent sleeves in the previous fukubukuro. 

The pink sweater has a v-neck and it is almost a cropped top on me. I think I will wear the sweater with a long, sleeveless dress underneath. 

The grey cardigan has a beautiful gemstones top button, but just like the pink sweater, the wool is a bit prickly, and not as soft as the beige knit dress. The heather grey effect is pretty though.

What's inside the Peach John fashion fukubukuro

Large sized, ¥3,240

- a grey t-shirt dress with pockets (¥4,480)
- a black vest (¥3,900)
- two pair of pants (¥4,980 each)

I really like the casual grey t-shirt dress with side pockets. It is the type of clothing I normally buy to lounge at home in. The fabric is quite thick and of nice quality too. 

The fluttery, black vest is a bit unusual as it is long and fluttery in the front and short in the back. There is also a thin belt attached with a small gold belt buckle. It doesn't look that bad on top of the grey t-shirt dress, but I am not sure how to wear this item with something else. 

The two pair of pants look really nice and the one with the cute flower pattern is a little bit stretchy, while the beige one is a normal pair of skinny pants. 

Even though I didn't really like the black vest, the two pair of pants and the t-shirt dress made it good value for money. 

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