31 Sons de mode fukubukuro 2017

I originally planned to write about the three fukubukuro (two more to be revealed after this one!) that I bought in 2017, while counting down to New Year's Eve, but it got delayed to counting down to my birthday, and finally, it has become a post-birthday gift for my faithful readers. I am surprised to see that there are still people who are supporting me even after all the sudden, unannounced and unexplained breaks in blogging. I think you have gotten used to it by now and have accepted that this is how I am. I was also like this with writing a diary, from when I was a child. I just couldn't get into the habit to writing every day. Sometimes, there were days that were very boring, so I couldn't think of anything to write. On some days, I was really sad, so I couldn't write anything through my tears (I actually have pages in my diaries that were drenched with tears). On other days, I was too busy having fun and I couldn't find the time to calm down and write things.

This blog has become as precious to me as my diary. The good and the bad, I want to write all my thoughts and memories down. With the passing of time, memories will get blurry and misformed. One day, I will be an old grandma and I hope this blog will make me smile, even when I don't remember a thing. Or it will give my son answers of how his mom was, why I made certain decisions, and how I viewed the world. My new year's resolution is listening to my body more and this is part of it too. I will say thanks to the people who are kind to me (no matter how cringy that already makes me feel). I will no longer pretend to be fine all the time or apologize for things that are not within my power. I will accept all my flaws and celebrate my strenghts. Although my videos aren't perfect, I did my best, and I hope you like what I created.

31 Sons de mode (トランテアン ソン ドゥ モード) fukubukuro (福袋)

Size 38, ¥10,800

31 sons de mode is a Japanese brand that I was not familiar with, but looking at their clothes and accessories, it is cute and fashionable. Nothing that I wouldn't want to wear, so it was a risk that I was willing to take.

What was inside the fukubukuro:
- a purple-pink coat
- a baby blue knit dress with underskirt
- a white sweater with bow
- a beige dress
- a black hair band

I really liked the short coat in a beautiful dark pink color, which also looks purple in some lights. It has a nice hood too. I don't own anything like this yet, so it was a nice addition to my closet. 

The baby blue knit dress with under skirt is one of the best items that I got from fukubukuro. It is warm and super comfy. It also has a wide elastic band around the waist, which gives you a nice silhouette. 

The white sweater with a bow is nice, but not very special, as I have a lot of sweaters with bows on them already. 

The beige dress has a pretty v-neck and it is made of a soft, ribbed fabric. I like the shape of the dress and it is a dress that is also suitable for work. 

The black hair band is not as good as a piece of jewelry or the baret that other people got in the same 31 Sons de mode fukubukuro in 2017, but you can tell that the hair band is a good quality item. I just have to find ways to style it.

Fukubukuro of 2018

I actually wanted to buy fukubukuro in 2018 as well, to continue this joyful tradition, but none of the fukubukuro of this year looked interesting to me. Furry and teddy bear like fuzzy coats seems to be the trend and although it looks great on skinny and tall girls, it makes a short, curvy, and chubby girl with a round face, like me look like a grizzly bear. It is also the reason why I don't wear padded coats. I tried it once during high school and, with all the insecurity that comes with being a teenager, I thought I looked like the Michelin mascotte. Some other fukubukuro had coats and vests with large, furry pockets on both sides and although it is a cute detail, it emphasizes the hips and it' s not really suitable for people, who have wide hips. For me, buying a fukubukuro is all about buying a cute coat from a Japanese fashion brand that I like and getting the rest extra, so if I don't like the coat, it is better to not get it.

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