Birthday freebies 2018

Before, I had written a blog post about the birthday freebies that you can get in the Netherlands and this will be the updated 2018 version. Because my birthday was on a Sunday and I already had my big birthday party on Saturday, I was able to have a relaxing day in Rotterdam city center, enjoying all the perks of being the birthday girl. It was fun to try to spend as little as possible.
 Hema tompouce dudok yellow velvet cake free birthday freebies

1. With the HEMA customer card or app, you can register to get a free tompouce (= Dutch pastry made of two layers of puff pastry, with cream in between and a pink frosting on top) on your birthday. No purchase required, but they hope you buy some sweet treats or gifts for your birthday, while you are in the store anyways.

2. Like last year, I was able to get a free slice of Dudok cake of my choice on my birthday with Ovmiles (public transport miles saving program). As I already had the red velvet cake on my birthday, the day before, I wanted to try the Yellow Velvet cake  (€2.60 per slice). It has layers of yellow sponge cake with in between passion fruit, apricot, and cream cheese, covered by yellow chocolate curls. I have to say that I like this one more than the red velvet cake. The tropical fruit flavor is much stronger and the sweet-sour of the passion fruit and apricot, cuts through the sweetness of the cake.

La place chocolate cranberry tart

3+4. When you get a La place customer card or register in the La Place app for the first time, you get a free cup of coffee or tea. On your birthday, you get to choose a free tart of your choice too. I felt bad not paying for anything, so I also got a cranberry tart (€3). The chocolate tart that I got for free was amazing. It has a buttery crust, filled with a velvety chocolate cream, and on top, a thick and crunchy chocolate cookie. The chocolate flavor was very rich. I wish I got two of these instead, as the cranberry tart had no surprises. It was just a solid piece of cake with cranberries on top.

McDonalds free hamburger on birthday chili chicken

5+6. With the McDonalds app, you can get a free hamburger, 6 Chicken McNuggets, or a McFlurry on your birthday. I decided to get the hamburger, as I don't really like the Chicken McNuggets and although I love ice cream, it was a bit too cold for that. As it is too weird to just get a hamburger, I bought two Chili Chicken burgers too.

Etos nail polish birthday freebies yves rocher cleansing gel the body shop almond vineyard peach shower gel

7. With the Etos app, you get to choose a free product (Etos deodorant, face mask, or nail polish) for your birthday, after purchase. As a true nail polish fanatic, I chose the nail polish.

8. If you are a Yves Rocher member, you get a flyer in your mail box around your birthday, with which you can get a free surprise birthday gift in the store. For me, it was the Yves Rocher Elixer Jeunesse Anti-polution + Detox micellar cleansing gel for face and eyes (200 ml).

9. If you are a The Body Shop member, you get €5 discount in your birthday month. As the sale was still going on, I got The Body Shop vineyard peach and almond shower gels (250 ml), paying only €1.30.

 Bram Ladage Rotterdam gratis zak patat op verjaardag

10. As I had writen before, you get a free bag of fries and sauce of choice at Bram Ladage in Rotterdam (ends on 8 April 2018) on your birthday. I had to wait almost for a year, but I was finally able to get one! Update: it is extended for another year.

11. I didn't get this one, but I heard you get a free surprise gift from Tony Chocolonely, if you join the Serious friends membership.

12. You can get a free slice of cake at the Koekela bakery (Nieuwe Binnenweg 79a, Rotterdam). Valid until March 2019.

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