Chanel inspired Christmas dinner outfit

Christmas is already some time ago, but I still want to share what I wore, as I really liked the outfit that I created. For the Christmas holidays, I wanted to wear something festive and lady like (one of those rare moments, when I am not wearing a comfy hoodie). Inspired by the fashion from Chanel, I put together this outfit with items from several mainstream fashion brands.

Chanel inspired christmas dinner outfit oatmeal brown cardigan black borders gold buttons white sleeveless blouse black bow skirt wallis h&m river island

- H&M sleeveless white blouse with black ribbon. The white fabric is very light and smooth. The blouse is long enough to reach about mid-thigh, so you can wear it out as well as tucked in. The black ribbon around the collar is attached to the blouse in the back, so you won't lose it, when the bow gets untied or when you put the blouse in the washing machine. But the bad side is that you can never wear the blouse without the bow, while this would still be possible with blouses on which the ribbon is attached with a small threaded loop.

- Wallis oatmeal brown cardigan with black borders and round, gold buttons. This cardigan is not made of tweed, but the wool has an interesting pattern that makes it look similar. The black borders, the faux pockets and the gold buttons are cute details that made this otherwise boring cardigan look special.

- River Island black skirt. It is a simple, one layer black skirt with an elastic band around the waist. It doesn't have too much volume and it reaches about a bit above the knee. It is a staple item that matches with almost anything.

Christmas gift

For Christmas, I received a brown wool hat and a very wide and super soft, light pink scarf with fringes at the ends, both from H&M. The scarf is great for outside, as well as inside the house. Nothing beats cocooning on the couch with a soft scarf used as a blanket, wrapped around the shoulders and upper arms.

The brown wool hat isn't as orange toned as in the picture, but more of a milk tea brown. I have never really worn wool hats regularly, as my hair is very static and the shape of my head just isn't very suitable for it. But as I got it as a gift and in many of the Japanese fukubukuro that I bought over the years, I will try to challenge it.

Milk tea brown wool hat light pink scarf h&m

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