Dudok red velvet cake for my birthday!

Two years ago, I bought my birthday cake and birthday treats at the HEMA store and last year, I got a green tea cake from the Koekela bakery. I didn't know what to get this year, as the monthly cake from the Koekela bakery doesn't look that delicious to me. I thought about getting the Sharp Sharp cakes that I tried during the high tea at Yoghurt Barn in The Hague, as I found out that Sharp Sharp actually has a bakery store in Rotterdam. I have also already tried the red velvet cake from the HEMA and I regularly get the red velvet cake from the Aldi, when I have something small to celebrate. There weren't that many options left. But while I was trying to write a blog post about birthday freebies, I came across an older blog post that I wrote about the same topic and I remembered that I really liked the slice of red velvet cake that I got from the Dudok Patisserie. That's why I decided to get a red velvet cake from Dudok for my birthday this year. (By the way, my birthday was on 14 January and I am just late with writing about it).     

Dudok red velvet cake Rotterdam strawberries close up

The Dudok red velvet cake comes in two sizes: small (uncut and diameter of 20 cm, €12.50) and large (already cut in 14 slices, €25). Available at the Dudok Patisserie shop (Westewagenstraat 52, Rotterdam) and the Dudok shops in Rotterdam Central Station. I don't know if it is only in Rotterdam, but I have seen Dudok cakes available in Albert Heijn supermarkets too.   

Dudok Rotterdam red velvet cake white chocolate flakes

The Dudok red velvet cake is made up of three layers of spongecake and in between, on top and on the sides, there are layers of cream cheese. The cake is drizzled with a sauce of red fruit and the exterior is covered with white chocolate flakes.

The strawberries that you can see in the pictures were added by me. I just love strawberries and they really match with the bright pink of the red velvet cake. It looks super girly! 

The red velvet cake from Dudok Patisserie is as delicious as I remembered it to be. The sponge cake is very moist and the cream cheese was creamy without being too sweet. The only thing that seemed to have changed, is that the white chocolate flakes seem to have become a lot sweeter. Maybe, they have added more sugar to it to keep the white chocolate from melting too fast, but it made the cake a bit too sweet for me. Luckily, I had the sweet and sour strawberries to cleanse my palette a bit and a nice cup of green tea to go with it.  
 slice of Dudok red velvet cake strawberries decorated

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