earth music & ecology - trend fukubukuro (福袋) 2017

After the 31 Sons de mode and Ingni fukubukuro, this is the last fukubukuro that I still had to show you: the earth music & ecology - trend fukubukuro of 2017. I haven't bought anything in 2018, so the next Japanese fukubukuro unboxing/contents reveal won't be until 2019 or later. I did buy some skincare and cosmetics lucky boxes last year, which will be revealed later this year, unless I postpone it again till indefinitely (please remind me of it, if you are interested and the wait has been too long).

I can honestly say that I have never been disappointed by the fukubukuro that I have bought from earth music & ecology. The earth music & ecology - casual fukubukuro of 2016 was in a cool sporty bag and it had many sweaters and shirts that could be worn with the denim skirt and jeans, which are also great with the white accessories. The earth music & ecology - trend fukubukuro of 2016 was totally in the style that I like and there wasn't an item that I didn't like. I also never had problems with the sizing, as you can choose from size S,M, or L. I always choose size L, because I like oversized sweaters and knits and some clothing items that aren't made of an elastic, stretchy fabric are hard to put on, if the size is just right or a little bit too small, so I don't want to take a risk with that.

What's inside the earth music & ecology - trend fukubukuro of 2017

Size L¥10,800

- a pink coat
- a matching plaid scarf
- a white sweater with frills
- a grey ribbed shirt
- a dark blue skirt
- a brown dress
- a grey furry sweater
- a white transparent t-shirt
- a flower pattern top and matching skirt/pants
- a beige bow clutch 

The pink coat is one of my favorite coats from a fukubukuro, I have worn it a lot and the deep pockets on the outside of the coat are great to put my hands in during the cold winters here in the Netherlands. The coat looks great on me and it keeps me very warm. I just love pink and it is the first pastel pink coat that I have. The matching scarf looks really cute too.

The white sweater has cute frills at the shoulders and it makes it stand out from the normal white sweaters that I have a lot of.

The grey ribbed shirt seemed a bit boring to me at first, but after putting it on, it looks quite sexy. I always thought ribbed sweaters looked good on men, but I found out that it looks good on me too.

The dark blue skirt has a pretty, beige flowers print and it also has lots of volume. It looks great with the before mentioned tops.

The brown dress is the only item that I don't know what to do with. It has a camel brown color that I don't really like and it is a v-neck dress that just goes straight down. It is very boxy and it does nothing for my figure, but maybe, I can save this with a colorful scarf.

The grey furry sweater looks very similar to last year's sweater, but the notable differences are the neckline (v-neck instead of round neckline), the color (light, silver grey instead of dark grey), and it is a bit longer.

The white transparent t-shirt is really cute with the embroidered daisies. It is a perfect cover-up over a dress with thin straps, which might be a bit too revealing without. It also has a white t-shirt backside, so you don't have to worry about any unflattering bra straps that might be showing in the back.

The flower pattern top with matching pants is also a nice surprise. The white top with a blue flower print has wide sleeves and a drawstring waist. It is quite see-through, so I need to wear it with a white camisole. The matching pants has a nice and thick silky lining, so I don't have to wear an extra pair of shorts to prevent seeing through.

The beige, faux leather, bow clutch has a non-detachable strap that can be used as a shoulder strap, worn short or long. It closes by a large press button underneath the large bow flap. Inside, there is a pink lining.    

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