Ingni (イング) fukubukuro (福袋) 2017

I still remember that I opened the 31 Sons de mode fukubukuro first (I knew more or less what was inside by checking social media and there were only a few items inside, which were the same with only different colors and one surprise accessory, so it wasn't as suspenseful), followed by the large mystery fukubukuro of Ingni. It is one of the few Japanese fashion brands that still fills their fukubukuro with random items from their warehouse that weren't sold by the end of the year and it depends on your luck, if you get some hidden gems. Most Japanese fashion brands generally create fukubukuro with lower quality coats and outfits made in large quantities (to lower the costs) to thank their loyal customers for their continued support. The problem with that is that you often see people on the streets wearing the same coat and outfit. It is not that bad for me, as I am one of the few fukubukuro fanatics in my city or even country. I was especially looking forward to opening the Ingni fukubukuro, because it is famous for its quantity (while most fukubukuro have 5-6 clothing pieces, Ingni has more than 12!). It is also a cute and trendy fashion brand, with clothing items that most people would like.      

What's inside the Ingni (イング) fukubukuro (福袋) of 2017

Free sized, ¥10,800

- a black, padded coat with hood
- a grey sweater with pearls and gems decorations
- a white shirt with black print
- a dark red cold-shoulder shirt
- black shorts
- a white shirt with boxy neckline
- a grey t-shirt with pocket
- a plaid shirt dress
- a brown vest
- an army green shirt with pocket
- black scarf with white print
- a soft blanket with plaid pattern

The black, padded coat has a dress like shape, closed sleeves, and a waistband, which you can create a bow with. It also has a hood in the back. It is made of a soft, matte, and light fabric, which also keeps you very warm. Only this coat already makes you earn back your investment in this fukubukuro. It is worth more than ¥10,000, considering the original price as well as from the looks and feel of it. The only problem is that I don't really like padded coats. 

The grey sweater with the pearls and gems decorations all over looks really cute and expensive, but the shape of the sweater and the color isn't really that pretty. It isn't something I would buy, if I saw it in the store.

The white shirt with black print is a simple, staple wear that can be worn at home to lounge in combined with some sweat pants, or outside, under a plaid shirt and with a pair of jeans. 

The dark red, cold-shoulder shirt is made of a stretchy, ribbed fabric, which is very comfortable. I also really like the color and I didn't own a cold-shoulder shirt yet, so it was a nice addition to my closet. 

The black shorts look great with the dark red, cold-shoulder shirt. I also really like the cute buttons on the front. 

The white shirt with a boxy neckline is a bit strange at first glance, but after putting it on, it doesn't look that bad. I can see myself wearing this top combined with a long skirt. 

The grey t-shirt and the army green shirt with a pocket in the front look very similar, as they both have a pocket and a slightly longer back part than the front. The fabric of the grey t-shirt is slightly thinner though, while the army green shirt has a softer and thicker cotton feel.

The plaid shirt dress and vest seemed to be made for each other, as the length is really similar and the brown of the vest matches the red of the plaid shirt well. It looks like the perfect autumn outfit!

The black handkerchief/scarf is the only item that looks the least appealing. It is made of a thin and scratchy fabric and I don't know, when I would actually wear this.   

The final item was packaged in a plastic Ingni gift bag with black ribbon. It is a super soft blanket with a plaid pattern. It is a high quality item, but the length and size of the blanket is a bit awkward. It is barely big enough to cover my lap and I cannot really wrap it around my shoulders unless I fold it diagonally, while the blanket has a thin rectangular shape. But it is still one of the most often used/worn items in this fukubukuro. 

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