Schiphol airport in the Netherlands

I know I promised here that I would write about my trip to Hong Kong in one or two weeks, but it turned into one or two months instead. I have finally found the time to blog about it and I will start with my departure from Schiphol airport. Since I arrived a few hours early for my 17:17 flight with KLM, I was able to take some pictures.    

I was super surprised when I saw this giant, stuffed dog at a lounge area in Schiphol. The lounge chairs are really nice too, as you get a good view of the airplanes. 

giant stuffed dog at Schiphol airport in the Netherlands

Close by, I found this cute restaurant with traditional, Dutch food, such as "kibbeling" (=pieces of fried fish), pancakes, "poffertjes"(=fluffy mini pancakes), and croquettes (=fried snacks filled with ragout).   

traditional Dutch food restaurant entrance

The restaurant also has coffee cups shaped booth seats and a giant coffee pot with Delfts blauw (blue patterns on porcelain). 

traditional Dutch food restaurant coffee cups tea pot

You can also find Delfts blauw tableware and a clock in glass cases on the center of some of the tables. 

traditional Dutch food restaurant Delfts blauw tableware

The sign posts are all in English, so you can easily find what you want in that restaurant.
 traditional Dutch food restaurant wooden chairs

 A few steps away, you can find a tulip shop and a staircase, which you can use to sit on.

schiphol airport staircase seats tulip shop

 After eating something, you can relax a bit in this massage chair, which costs €2 for 5 minutes.

schiphol airport massage chair

Or do some shopping at one of the luxury brand shops.

Schiphol airport luxury brands shops

As Dutch food is nothing new to me, I went to have a happy meal at McDonalds instead. I got a cute, plastic Hello Kitty cup as the toy. At the back of the floor with restaurants and tables with free wifi and power sockets (remember to take your charger cable in your carry-on bag!), there is a smaller scale KLM airplane, which you can use as a background for your pictures. It is a bit kiddy and toy like, but you can pose near the large plastic clouds and even stand in the cockpit.   

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