Beautiful views from Kowloon Harbourfront hotel, Hong Kong

Although I didn't get a really good night sleep at Kowloon Harbourfront hotel, Hong Kong, I did enjoy the beautiful views I had there. The fresh air and open space around the hotel made my stay a very pleasant one. I happen to find some short video clips that I made on my camera and I thought it would be nice to share with you.

1. In the first clip, you can see the inner courtyard of the Kowloon Harbourfront hotel. This is the place where you wait for the hotel shuttle bus. As you can tell in the video, it was very humid and hot. When you follow the route along the left side and keep walking straight, you will reach the Hung Hom promenade. When you go left, you will go to the direction of Whampoa and the Hung Hom ferry pier. When you go right, you will reach the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade, from where you can enjoy the daily light and sound show, A symphony of lights, at 20:00 PM. It is also possible to see it from the other side at the Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai.

2. In the second clip, you can see the view from our hotel room window during the day. It isn't as beautiful as the sea view, but it was very relaxing to look at the Fortune Metropolis mall on the left, the Harbourview Horizon hotel in the front, and the taxis running on the roads like toy cars.    

3. In the third clip, you can see the view from our hotel room window during the night. 

4. In the fourth and last clip, I was standing next to the Hung Hom ferry pier (the large building on the left). Both the day and night view from this spot is just breathtaking, but I forgot to film one during the day, so you have to do with this footage during the night. In the video, the distance seems to be very far, but when I stood there, I felt like I could touch the lighted buildings across the water if I reached out. If this gorgeous view doesn't motivate you to jog every day, I don't know what would. It also never got very crowded that if becomes uncomfortable or too quiet that you would be too scared to be there on your own.


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