Cheeseburger from ellis gourmet burger Coolsingel, Rotterdam

I have always wanted walk in and try out a burger from ellis gourmet burger, whenever I pass by their restaurant on the Coolsingel in Rotterdam. I never really found the time for it. But when I received a 1+1 coupon in the Spoor magazine (free magazine for NS train card users), I made up my mind to finally go give it a try.    

ellis gourmet burger Coolsingel Rotterdam bar

I walked in on a cold and snowy day and it was comfortably warm inside, not too hot and humid or too cold. I didn't know how it works there (do you order at the bar or at your own table?), but I choose a place to sit and looked at the menu, which was made to look like a newspaper. After a while, a waiter walked up to our table and asked us if we knew what we wanted to order yet. We were still looking at the drinks and haven't decided on one yet, so we wanted a bit more time. I heard good things about their homemade ice teas and lemonades. That's why we ordered the strawberry lemonade and the pear ice tea, to try one out of each category. We also both ordered the cheese burger with Belgian fries as the side dish.     

ellis gourmet burger coolsingel rotterdam interior

We first got the drinks. On the left, you can see the strawberry lemonade (€3.50) with pieces of lime, orange, and lemon, and blended strawberry). I heard that it is a fruity and refreshing drink with not one fruit being too overpowering, so you can taste every flavor equally. On the right, you can see the pear ice tea (€3.50) that I ordered. In it, there is a long piece of pear, star anise, and a cinnamon stick. The flavor kind of reminds me of the traditional, Dutch apple pie, but with pears instead of apples. You will like this drink if you like the freeze dried, cinnamon apple snacks. The drink wasn't super cold, even though there were ice cubes in it (maybe, because of the cold weather). But I did like the rich tea flavor that you get as the end flavor, that keeps lingering in your mouth after a sip.        

ellis gourmet burger coolsingel Rotterdam drinks strawberry lemonade pear ice tea

After a short wait, the burgers and fries were brought to our table. The burger was held together with a wooden stick and it looked beautiful on the warm plate. You can see each ingredient really well and the colors were bright. When I first held the burger with my hands, I was a bit worried that the bread would be too hard like a hard, solid toast, but the bread was perfectly made with a hard outer crust and a soft center. The Cheeseburger (€11.50) has a thick, 100% beef patty with lettuce, two slices of cheddar, a slice of tomato, minced red onions, a slice of pickle, mustard sauce, and ketchup.
 ellis gourmet burger coolsingel rotterdam cheeseburger

The beef patty was really juicy and it has a little bit of a grilled flavor at the burned edges. The beef flavor was okay and the other ingredients and sauces complemented each other well. However, the cheddar cheese could have melted a bit more. It is quite a good burger with natural flavors and a proper bun. But compared to a Whopper, the beef patty doesn't have a strong enough grilled flavor, and compared to a Big Mac, it doesn't have an interesting enough sauce or a heavily flavored cheddar cheese. Maybe, eating so much at fast food joints has ruined my palette, as this burger tasted very healthy to me and I am not sure if healthy is what you want to feel, after eating a burger. 

The pickle on the side has more of a cucumber flavor than the thoroughly pickled pickles that you can get at the supermarket. It also isn't cold, crunchy, and juicy enough to cut through the greasiness from the burger and the fries. Again, it is a matter of preference and maybe, also of what you are used to. I often make burgers and salads with pickles, straight from the fridge, so I kind of expected that flavor.          

ellis gourmet burger coolsingel rotterdam juicy beef patty

You get a side dish for free with your burger (you can choose from: Belgian fries, jacket potato, coleslaw, corn, green salad, and onion rings). We each got a large bowl of potato fries and a mustard mayonnaise on the side. The potato flavor of the fries was nice, but I think that the fries weren't fried perfectly, as it wasn't super crunchy and a bit on the limb and oily side. It was one of the few times that I had a hard time finishing all the fries and I love fries. Also, I prefer a creamy mayonnaise over a mustard mayonnaise, but it wasn't too bad.      

Although you need to pay €15 for a cheese burger, a side of fries, and a drink, you don't have worry about leaving without feeling full. The size of the burger was reasonably big, you get a lot of fries, and the drink is not something you can easily find elsewhere, as it is quite special.

ellis gourmet burger coolsingel rotterdam belgian fries mustard mayonnaise

During our meal, we could really enjoy the view outside, as it has large and clean windows (whoever cleans it every day: Good job!). I tried to capture the soft snowfall, but it had ended, when I decided to take a picture of the outdoor terrace.   

ellis gourmet burger coolsingel rotterdam outdoor terrace
ellis gourmet burger coolsingel rotterdam view window

After finishing our meal, we walked up to the cash register at the bar to pay with a PIN-card (not sure if they take cash, so make sure to bring a PIN-card or a friend, who has one).

ellis gourmet burger
official website
Coolsingel 123
3012 AG Rotterdam 

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