Fortune Metropolis mall (置富都會) in Hung Hom, Hong Kong

The Fortune Metropolis mall is the first stop of the hotel shuttle bus from Kowloon Harbourfront hotel and the end stop, before it returns back, is in the Tsim Sha Tsui shopping area. The mall is connected to the Harbour Plaza Metropolis hotel, which is a sister hotel of the Kowloon Harbourfront hotel, and the Hung Hom MTR metro station. On one of our days in Hong Kong, there was heavy rain, and we were able to take the hotel shuttle bus to Fortune Metropolis mall without getting wet from the rain. We explored the shopping mall for a bit, while we waited for the rain to stop. On the 7th floor, we found a small 7-Eleven shop, a large Watsons health and beauty store, and a Saint Honore cake shop (聖安娜餅屋), but we were planning to still go elsewhere, so we just bought some snacks that weren't too heavy to carry around. We stayed on the 7th floor, but there is a food court with very affordable food on the 8th floor.

Temptation taste confectionery (味之誘感)   

In one of the outer corners on the 7th floor of the Fortune Metropolis mall was a small candy store called Temptation taste confectionery and they had a lot of different Japanese imported candies and other sweets. Practically, all the walls and the whole floor was covered with it. If I had a store like this near my school, I would have spend all my allowance there. I wanted to buy everything, but I limited myself to three different things, as it was near our hotel apartment anyway, so I could go back any time. On the left, are two bars of highly concentrated matcha milk candy (HK$17.80 for 2). It is one of my favorite candies that I buy every time I am in Hong Kong. On the right, is a bag of Morinaga caramel with matcha flavor that I got for HK$6.50.     
Highly concentrated matcha milk candy Morinaga matcha green tea caramel 味之誘感

In that store, I also found this box of limited edition Morinaga x Kirin Gogo no kocha (午後の紅茶) lemon tea cookies. It was HK$14.90 and inside, there were 8 individually packaged cookies. I couldn't wait until I got back home to try it, so I had to take the pictures straight in the hotel room. You may spot bits of our suitcases or the hotel sheets as background in the pictures. The buttery cookie was crunchy and the rich flavored lemon tea cream in between was amazing. I wish I had bought more, but I never went back to that store after all. The cookies are also too fragile to throw into our luggage.  

Morinaga afternoon tea lemon tea cookie limited edition

PARKnSHOP International supermarket

Near that candy shop, there was also a PARKnSHOP International supermarket, where we found some interesting Pocky flavors that we haven't tried before. We bought the Glico mousse pocky with mango flavor and matcha flavor (HK$11.50 each) and the Pocky Almond crush (HK$13.90), which had a special Snoopy packaging.

Glico mousse pocky mango matcha green tea biscuit stick almond crush snoopy limited edition

Tip: check out the official website of Fortune malls for discount e-coupons and special events.

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