HEMA chocolate Easter eggs 2018 - new flavors!

It is a bit early, but Easter chocolate eggs can already be found in the stores in the Netherlands, even though it is still snowing and freezing cold. There is definitely no signs of Spring yet, with tonight getting as cold as -10 °C (for those who are unfamiliar to the weather here, it is quite unusual for it to be that cold). When I was in the HEMA store in Rotterdam city center, I saw that you could pick out the chocolate eggs in the flavors that you want and fill up a small or large box. This year, there are two new flavors: milk chocolate discodip and milk chocolate tompouce. I really wanted to try them, as they both sound very delicious. I also saw a flavor that I haven't seen before, a white chocolate praline chocolate Easter egg, so I got a couple of those too. Together with some other flavors, I filled a small box for €2.75.

HEMA chocolate easter eggs new flavors paaseitjes metallic foil colorful

The milk chocolate discodip egg has a milk chocolate outer shell and a vanilla cream center with discodip mixed in it. It tastes quite nice, as you can taste the harder milk chocolate, the soft, melt-in-the-mouth cream, and the crunchy, discodip, mini pearls here and there.

HEMA chocolate Easter eggs milk discodip tompouce white praline

The milk chocolate tompouce egg however, didn't really remind me of a tompouce (look here to find out what it is). You do see a pink fondant in one side of the milk chocolate egg and a yellow custard cream in the other side, but the flavors are a bit more artificial, candy like than pastry like. Somewhat similar to the Mona tompouce pudding. The milk chocolate was also quite overpowering, maybe, white chocolate would have been a better choice. I did get surprised by the crunchy and thin, mini ice cream waffle flakes in the yellow cream. I think that is supposed to be similar to the pastry dough sheets in the tompouce.

The white chocolate praline egg was a pleasant surprise, as the white chocolate was creamy and sweet and the praline filling had a nice hazelnut flavor. It is also a bit smaller than the other eggs, so you can use them to fill up the small gaps in the box and get more eggs in there.

Besides these three flavors, there are other flavors that you can find in the Big HEMA Easter eggs review that I wrote before. I think I reviewed all the flavors, except for the one with coconut flavor, which I am not sure if I would like, and the crispy coffee dark chocolate one.

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