Hoog Catharijne shopping mall

After our lunch at the Five Guys burger restaurant in the newly built glass building "Het Paviljoen", we headed to the Hoog Catharijne shopping mall next door. As you can see, the renovation of the shopping mall is still in process. The entrance is wrapped up with wooden boards and it is surrounded with fences and cranes.

Hoog Catharijne shopping mall utrecht Netherlands

In the picture underneath, you can see the Utrecht Central Station and the cool "Bubble Cloud" roof, which can cover you from rain, when you exit the train station and want to go to the Hoog Catharijne shopping mall.

outside Hoog Catharijne shopping mall utrecht central station netherlands

It is a great spot to take artistic pictures.

Hoog Catharijne shopping mall bubble roof utrecht central station netherlands

The first thing that you see when you go inside the Hoog Catharijne shopping mall is this small Dunkin' Donuts shop. I haven't bought a donut from Dunkin' Donuts, since the opening of the first store in Amsterdam. I want to give them another chance after the not so fresh ones that I got the first time, which was probably due to the large stock that they needed to have to handle the large crowd. But I was too full to find the spot for a donut, so maybe next time.     

Dunkin Donuts Utrecht Hoog Catharijne shopping mall

The Hoog Catharijne shopping mall that I remember was really old fashioned, so I was surprised by the modern look of the new parts of the shopping mall. I really love the beautiful inner court, "Stadskamer", with many restaurants, trees (indoors!), benches, and a flat, rippling water fountain.   

Hoog Catharijne shopping mall inner court restaurants trees

These two restaurants looked the most interesting to me:
Leon is a British chain restaurant with natural fast food and it has many wraps, salads, rice boxes, and even 2 burgers for you to choose from. You can also go there for juices, smoothies, and a healthy breakfast.
- The Barn is a Dutch 100% organic fast food chain restaurant, where you can order from a touch screen. They have a changing menu with sandwiches, burgers, salads, and yogurt. You can go there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

In the Stadskamer, you can also find the Comptoir Libanais (Lebanese canteen), Sla (salads), Starbucks (cafe), Salsa shop (Mexican food) and the Burger Federation (burgers).  

On the opposite side of the Stadskamer, you can get a glimpse of the city center of Utrecht and the Catharijnesingel. 

Hoog Catharijne shopping mall inner court exits

For me, the most appealing thing about the Hoog Catharijne shopping mall is the restaurants, as most of the stores there can also be found in Rotterdam. I did look around in the Stradivarius shop (only in The Hague and Utrecht), Parfois (not in Rotterdam city center, but in Rotterdam Alexandrium), Amazing Jewelry (jewelry), and Bijou Brigitte (jewelry and accessories).   

The Hoog Catharijne shopping mall is now opened every day until 20:00, except for Sundays, as it is until 18:00. 

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