Lays chips - Classic burger flavour

At the newly opened Coop supermarket in Rotterdam city center, I discovered a new flavor of Lays chips, the Classic burger flavour. It isn't that new to me, as I remember buying a bag of Lays Classic burger flavour chips in Antwerp, Belgium, years ago. I really liked the flavor, so I didn't hesitate to buy it again. It comes in a medium size bag of 120 g, while the normal size of a Lays chips bag is 200 g. The best way to describe the flavor is that it tastes like the McDonalds Big Mac sauce with a heavy emphasis on the sour pickle flavor and a faint beef patty end taste. I kind of wish the bag was a bit bigger, as the sour flavor - that cuts through the greasiness - makes you want to keep eating it. I hope that this isn't just a temporary, limited edition flavor, but part of their regular flavors. Or else, I need to stock up while I still can.

Lays chips classic burger flavour medium bag crips

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