McDonalds Hong Kong: Matcha chocolate x OREO cookies

Further down the street from The ONE shopping mall, you can find a small McDonalds restaurant with a McCafe inside (Nathan road 184). During the time we were in Hong Kong, there was a special matcha chocolate x OREO cookies collaboration. The drinks and cakes looked interesting, so we ordered that together with some fries, lemon tea, and McSpicy burgers. You need to order at two different counters for that (the one for regular McDonalds food is on ground floor and the McCafe counter is on first floor). Inside, there are several one person booths with dividers and small two person and four person tables really close together. 

McDonalds Hong Kong McCafe Iced Matcha Chocolate x OREO cookies red bean matcha layer cake

From the McCafe, we ordered two Iced Matcha Chocolate x OREO cookies (Large, HK$31) and you could get a cake with that at a reduced price. We got the Red Bean Matcha Layer cake (+HK$17) and the Red Bean Matcha tart x OREO cookies (+HK$13).

The large glass of Iced Matcha Chocolate x OREO cookies had a chocolate flavor on the bottom and a matcha flavor on the top. It was topped with ice cubes, whipped cream, and a handful of OREO cookie crumbs. It looked amazing, but it didn't taste that great. It was just a matcha latte with a chocolate flavor and some added texture and flavor from the crunchy cookie crumbs and creamy whipped cream. It was nice to try it once, but I am not sure if I would order it again.      

McDonalds Hong Kong McCafe iced matcha chocolate oreo cookies large drink

The Red Bean Matcha Layer cake is a mille crepe cake with many layers of thin matcha pancakes, matcha cream, and red beans. On the bottom, there is a thin layer of matcha cake and on top, there is a layer of green tea cream covered with matcha powder.

The stacked, thin layers of matcha pancakes had a nice chewiness. The red beans were soft and added a sweet intermezzo in between the green tea madness. To me, the matcha flavor wasn't strong enough and you can taste the cream and the pancake flavor the most, but I think that pancake fans would love this.    

McDonalds Hong Kong McCafe red bean matcha layer cake

I was the most impressed by this little red bean matcha tart with a mini oreo cookie stuck on top. It has a matcha crust and a creamy and gooey matcha filling with several red beans inside. The rich matcha flavor and the buttery flavor of the crust was a match made in heaven.   

McDonalds Hong Kong McCafe red bean matcha tart oreo cookie

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