Mother's day gift idea: BK cookware set

At the Albert Heijn supermarket, I found this BK cookware set at the 50% discount zone and it is a great bargain. BK is a high quality cookware brand and I have seen similar sets going for a few hundred euro. A few weeks ago, the suggested retail price was €199 and the discounted price was €99, while you could also buy it for €69 by using 1500 airmiles. Now, the price is set at €69 and with a 50% discount, it was only €34.50. Until March 26th, you also get €5 discount over purchases over €20 at the Albert Heijn supermarket, by using 1000 airmiles. So, I could get it for only €29.50. I am not sure if I can even get four pans for that money at the Ikea. I thought the IKEA pan for €9.99, was already really impressive.  

Albert Heijn BK bistro set pans box

In the BK Bistro cookware set, there are four stainless steel pans of which three have a glass lid and one is a saucepan. It is suitable for induction, gas, electric, and ceramic stoves. You can also put them in the dish washer and the oven. The two smallest pans both have a diameter 16 cm and the larger ones have a diameter of 18 cm and 20 cm.   

Albert Heijn BK bistro set pans suitable for gas induction ceramic electric stove

The glass lid has a metal handle that looks similar to the handles on the sides.
Albert Heijn BK bistro set pans glass lid handles

Inside all the pans, there is also a liquid meter to make it easy to see how much there is in the pan. The pans can respectively hold 1.5 liter, 2 liter, and 2.5 liter.   

Albert Heijn BK bistro set pans liquid meter

The sauce pan doesn't have a glass lid and there are also no ear handles at the sides, but a long one instead. 

Albert Heijn BK bistro set saucepan

I am pretty sure mothers and/or mothers-in-law would love to get this cookware set as Mother's day gift. 

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