Winter sale: 2 outfits for under €50

This winter, I have been quite successful in scoring a good deal on clothes in the sale. It also helped that Topshop has finally opened a store in Rotterdam. I used to need to go all the way to Amsterdam to shop at Topshop. Now, there is a Topshop and a Topman in the Hudson's Bay department store. I don't know why, but clothing from British clothing brands seem to fit me quite well. I always have trouble buying clothes in the Netherlands, as the shoulder area are often too wide and spaghetti straps (I always need to buy things with adjustable straps), sleeves, and pants are too long. So, it is great that I have another fashion store that I can visit without worrying that when I might like something, find out that it has a horrible fit on me, after trying it on in the fitting room.      

Pieces black velvet skirt with pleats Topshop pink sweater Forever 21 black legging

Black velvet skirt with pleats (Pieces)
original price: €34,99, discounted to €17.50 (50% off)

Pink sweater (Topshop)
original price: €32, discounted to €10 (69% off)

Black legging (Forever 21)

Velvet clothing was something I wore a lot in my high school days and it is great that it is hip again. I really like the black velvet skirt with pleats. The skirt is light and flowy and it matches with almost everything, so it is very versatile. It is not something that I will only wear once. This is a good thing to keep in mind, when you go sale shopping. The high discounts and the low prices might convince you to make an impulse buy. So, always ask yourself: "Will I wear this more than once and can I combine it with the other clothing that I own?"

I just bought the pink sweater, because it is pink and I don't own anything like this yet. I love wearing comfortable sweaters and hoodies in my free time, so I am sure that it will be worn a lot. I also bought this, because Topshop was having a fantastic deal on sales items. When you buy a sales item, you get another one for free. Originally, the pink sweater was discounted to €20 and the black dress of the outfit underneath was also discounted to €20. So, basically I paid €10 for each.

The black legging from Forever 21 wasn't on sale, but it was only €4. It is an absolute bargain. I already bought 2 more and it is still under my budget of €50. 

Topshop black dress embroidered flowers back ribbon closing

Black dress with embroidered flowers (Topshop) 
original price: €44, discounted to €10 (77% off)

This black skater dress has embroidered flowers on the shoulders and on the balloon sleeves. There is also an elastic waistband around the waist and a white bow in the back. I really like the light and flowy fabric and although it is made for tall people, it still looks great on me with a belt.

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