Ben & Jerry's ice cream: Minter Wonderland and Chunky Monkey (non-dairy)

I am really enjoying the sunny weather in the Netherlands right now. It is also great that I can now also clear all the ice cream blog posts that I kept in my drafts. While some bloggers might sometimes experience a lack of inspiration and things to write about, I actually have the problem of taking too many pictures and no time to edit them and to write the accompanying article. You would be shocked by the amount of pictures I have on my laptop that dates back to 2014. Maybe, the mountain of work is so overwhelming that it caused me to procrastinate. But recently, I learned to fight that by breaking the things that I have to do in smaller tasks and to feel a sense of accomplishment by crossing things out. As you can see on my blog, it is working. Although the Easter blog posts for example, were very delayed, they have at least made it to my blog. I will also catch up soon on my vacation blog posts about Korea, so don't worry about it. 

This blog post is about two flavors of Ben & Jerry's ice cream that I tried for the first time: the Minter Wonderland and Chunky Monkey (non-dairy version).        

Ben & Jerry's Minter wonderland mint ice cream with chocolatey chunks

Ben & Jerry's Minter Wonderland

It is a mint ice cream with chocolatey chunks. I really like the chocolatey chunks in thick rectangular shapes. They are the same as the ones in Cherry Garcia, which is one of my favorite ice cream flavors from Ben & Jerry's. The mint ice cream, which isn't green like other ice cream brands, is very refreshing and light. The mint flavor is not too sharp and it isn't too sweet either. It is the best mint ice cream I tasted from the supermarket, so it is a shame that you can't find them in stores anymore. I am hoping that it will return during the winter again.    

Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey non-dairy ice cream banana with chocolatey chunks & walnuts

 Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey (non-dairy)

It is a banana ice cream with chocolatey chunks and walnuts. It is a vegan, non-dairy ice cream made with almonds. I have been minimizing my intake of milk products, as I suspect that I became lactose-intolerant. So, I try to swap most milk products with almond or soy based products. Sadly, this wasn't a good swap, as I don't really like this ice cream. I have no problems with banana ice cream, but this one lacks creaminess (I didn't miss it with the previous flavor) and the banana flavor and the sweetness combined, somehow made me a bit nauseous. The chocolatey chunks and walnuts were great though. Maybe, I will like the other flavors of non-dairy Ben & Jerry's ice cream more.   

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