Changdeokgung palace, Seoul, Korea

Changdeokgung was in walking distance from Hotel Venue-G, where we were staying, so we walked there. We were in Korea during Chuseok holiday and a lot of museums and touristic attractions had free entry during that time period. We were able to just walk in Chandeokgung palace without getting tickets for the four of us. We did wonder why there were still some lines at the side of the entrance, but later, I found out that you still need to get a ticket if you want to visit the palace garden. Changdeokgung palace was quite large and we already spend a whole afternoon walking around and taking pictures, so we had no time left to see that too. Underneath, you can find a compilation video of some of my best pictures and video clips from Changdeokgung palace.     

Tours and guidebooks

There is a general course for the palace building area with short pieces of information about the buildings on the official website, if you want to explore the palace on your own. There are also free general tours, which doesn't require a reservation and there is no limit in the number of participants, in four languages (duration: 60 minutes): Korean (4-5 times per day), English (2 times per day), Chinese (2 times per day), and Japanese (1 time per day). Guidebooks are available in the four languages too. They can be bought for 500 won, but you can also download them for free on the official website. 

For the Secret Garden (the palace garden), you are required to follow the guided tour (duration: 90 minutes). There are only 100 tickets per tour, of which 50 are available for advance Internet booking and 50 can be bought at the ticket office on the day itself. First come, first serve.     

Korean drinks from vending machines

I love trying new drinks out from vending machines in Japan and I found the first opportunity to do this in Korea in Changdeokgung palace. They don't have a drinks vending machine in every street corner like in Japan, but I was able to spot some in touristic attractions and in metro stations. I tried the Minute Maid Joy with apple-lychee flavor on the left. Although it doesn't state so on the can, while it did on the example can in the vending machine, it does have a distinguishable lychee flavor. I really liked the apple juice with a sweet lychee end taste. There was no hint of bitterness, which you sometimes have with lychee drinks. I can really recommend it. The others tried the milk soda and Fanta pineapple, which they liked, but they didn't think that it was super special.     

korean vending machine drinks at changdeokgung palace seoul korea minute maid joy apple lychee milk soda fanta pineapple

Changdeokgung palace (official website)
Metro: Jongno 3-ga metro station (exit 6) or Anguk metro station (exit 3)
General admission ticket: 3,000 won (+5,000 won for entry to palace garden), half price for children of 7-18 years old. Free entry for children under 7 years old, seniors over 65 years old, people wearing a hanbok (traditional Korean clothing), and on Culture day (last Wednesdays of the month). With a Royal Palace Pass (10,000 won), you can enter 4 palaces and the Jongmyo Royal Shrine.
Note: closed on Mondays and you are not allowed to eat, only to drink.
Operating hours: 9:00 - 17:30/18:00/18:30 (closing time depends on period in year)

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