Easter 2018: brunch

Besides the box of HEMA chocolate Easter eggs, I also had a lot of delicious food and other sweet treats during Easter. When I woke up in the afternoon, I started with this delicious brunch with croissants filled with thinly sliced roast beef (AH Rosbief naturel) and a slice of cheese and a bottle of pineapple and melon juice, which I had shown you in yesterday's blog post. As dessert, I had a cute bunny shaped "gevulde koek" and a slice of caramel brownie cake. It was the first time, I tried a croissant filled with thinly sliced roast beef and I was surprised by how well they matched together. It even tasted better than with a slice of cheese.    

Easter 2018 brunch Coop supermarket ananas meloen sap juice croisant rosbief cheese bunny gevulde koek caramel brownie cake

This is how the whole AH caramel brownie cake looked like. Amazing, right? It has a hard cookie bottom, a light and airy chocolate cream filling, sprinkled with large chunks of soft chocolate brownies, and drizzled with a hardened caramel-chocolate sauce with bits of sugar. The different textures (hard crust, soft cream, airy brownie, hardened caramel chocolate sauce, which melted in the mouth, and crunchy sugar bits) and the rich caramel and chocolate flavors made it an amazing cake.   

Albert Heijn supermarkt caramel brownie taart cake

After such a large and heavy brunch, I only had a light afternoon high tea with small Easter bites and unlimited tea. OK, I did had a tiny slice of the Coop snow star cake. It had a cute, "chick in a cracked egg", chocolate decoration and the cake was a bit dense, but the soft caster sugar and fluffy cream made up for it. The "advocaat" cream in the center was too little to say something about it.   

Easter cake chick chocolate decoration sneeuwster cream cake caster sugar

Now, on to the Easter treats. On the left, you can see the Coop high tea almond cookies. Each of them have very interesting names: paleisbanket (cookie with pink fondant), vanille nootjes (the round cookie on the left), hoefjes (the cookie looking like a horse hoof), weespermoppen (the round cookie on the right), and Wellington (long cookie covered with almond shavings). I have never heard of them before, but they all have a similar soft and airy almond cookies texture.

Coop high tea amandel koekjes albert heijn delicata paaseitjes praline crunch Godiva spring collection pistache white praline van strien all butter lemon cookies hema sprits koek almond enkhuizer paaskransen

In the middle, you can see 4 different flavors of chocolate Easter eggs from Godiva - The Spring Collection, Albert Heijn Delicata praline crunch chocolate eggs (nice hazelnut praline flavor, but only one or two small rice crunchies per egg), and Albert Heijn Delicata White pistachio praline chocolate eggs (very tasty!). The cookies are Handmade by Van Strien All butter lemon cookies with candied Italian lemon peel. The candied lemon peel bits are a bit hard, but the crunchy cookies have a very rich butter and lemon flavor. It is highly recommended to get these as souvenirs.

On the right, you can see spritskoeken (long cookies with pink fondant) and crunchy almond cookies from the HEMA, which were very buttery, and Echte Enkhuizer paaskransen (large cookie with a hole in it and covered with white fondant and sprinkled with yellow and green colored sugar, which is a crunchy cookie and the limited edition toppings made it more delicious).       

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