Easter 2018: Juice bar

Like every year, I celebrate Easter with a variety of juices (like a juice bar), fresh baked breads (nice and warm), sweets (chocolate eggs and pastries), and sleeping in until afternoon, so that it will be like pampering myself with a luxurious brunch. I know that the blog post is a bit late (been busy and luckily had some planned blog posts), but a quick review of the juices that I tasted might still be useful for somebody.    

Easter 2018 juice bar review innocent albert heijn summer sensation excellent golden ananassap cranberry coop melon pineapple mango peach strawberry

1. Innocent Super Juice apple, raspberry & cherry, boosted with goji berries & vitamins. I couldn't taste the cherry as much as I wanted and it was mainly an apple juice with small hints of raspberry. Not bad though.

2. Albert Heijn White peach and strawberry. On the sticker, it states that it tastes fresh and sweet and sadly, it wasn't as promised. Although white peach is one of my favorite fruits, it was very sweet and the texture was almost as thick as a smoothie, so it was not as refreshing as I thought it would be.

3. Albert Heijn has introduced a new range of fruit juices with the name Summer Sensation and I bought the Apple, pear, raspberry & elderflower juice and the Apple, apricot, lychee & lime juice first. I wanted to taste the elderflower and the lychee & lime notes the most, but I forgot again that in an ingredients list, the things listed last have the least amount. The juices weren't that bad, but I will probably not buy them again.

4. Albert Heijn pineapple, lychee, & lemon juice was the best tasting juice of the Summer Sensation range. It has a nice pineapple juice flavor with a hint of lychee and lemon. It took away the bitter end flavor that you sometimes have with pineapple juice and replaced it a fresh lemon and a tiny bit of lychee flavor. The Albert Heijn Excellent Golden pineapple juice was very nice too. I made me feel I was on vacation on a tropical island. It is great to make pina colada cocktails with during the summer.

5. Albert Heijn Cranberry juice. After reading that it is healthy (it prevents a bladder infection, it is anti-oxidant, and rich in vitamin C) and after trying the Refresher drink at Jamie's Italian, I have been drinking cranberry juice more often. It used to be tricky to find cranberry juice in the supermarket. I could only find one from Healthy people (20% cranberry juice from concentrate) and from Ocean Spray (27% cranberry juice from concentrate). This new addition contains 18% cranberry juice from concentrate and 3% cranberry puree. Online, I also found a Albert Heijn Frisse Cranberry Classic drink (30% cranberry juice from concentrate), which I haven't tried yet.

From the same Albert Heijn juice range in cartons, I also bought the strawberry-orange juice and mango-orange juice (not pictured), they taste similar to the ones I like from Coolbest. The only difference is that the Albert Heijn juices don't taste that delicious and well-blended, but a tad bit more like freshly squeezed juice.

6. Coop pineapple-melon juice and smoothie mango. Although the cantaloupe melon sounded and looked delicious, it was like I have previously experienced with melon juices from Albert Heijn, the juice gets a strange soapy flavor. Maybe, it is just me, but melon just isn't fit to be juiced. The smoothie mango was nice though, it had a deep and rich mango flavor.


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