Ice cream found at Jumbo supermarket in Rotterdam

While I was in the Jumbo supermarket in Rotterdam (Botersloot 13-19), I discovered some interesting ice cream varieties and I snapped some pictures of them for Instagram. I am trying to be more active on Instagram lately, although I still think that my life is way too boring for it. I had only used it to promote my blog, but I want to use it to share more things spontaneously and immediately and not until after I have written the whole article and edited all the pictures on my laptop, which takes a lot of time. I think this makes it more worthwhile to follow my Instagram account in addition to my blog. So, from now on, you can expect interesting previews of things that might get on my blog later with more information and spontaneous content that I think is funny, beautiful, and nice to share. But to get back on topic, the ice cream varieties that I found at the Jumbo supermarket are listed under the picture (for clearer pictures, go to my Instagram).       

Ice cream found at Jumbo supermarket rotterdam netherlands lotus speculood sticks choco brownie cornetto oreo toblerone ice cream bar peanut butter bavaria radler beer creme brulee

From left to right and top to bottom

- Oreo cookies ice cream bar, 4 for €2.79
- Toblerone ice cream bar, 4 for €2.79
- Lotus speculoos sticks, 4 for €3.99
- Jumbo cornets choco brownie, 4 for €1.69
- Oreo Cornets, 4 for €2.39
- Jumbo premium choc's double dip - crème brûlée flavor with caramel bits, 3 for €1.79
- Ola Cornetto x Calvé pindakaas (Dutch peanut butter brand), 4 for €2.85
- Bavaria (Dutch beer brand) Radler with a twist of lemon ice sticks (alcoholic, 18+), 6 for €4.65 

It is going to be 25°C next week, so I am sure this blog post is going to be useful for people, who are stocking up on ice cream during the weekend.  

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