KFC Hong Kong, North Point

When I was walking on King's Road in North Point, I was in the mood for fried chicken and I could choose between good old KFC (肯德基) or the Jollibee (快樂蜂). On the outside of the KFC restaurant, I saw a poster of the new temporary flavor, Black pepper chicken (響脆黑椒雞). I wanted to try something new, so I choose to go to the KFC.

Inside the store, I saw a Black pepper chicken value deal for three people (三人黑椒桶雞餐) for about HK$120 and for an extra HK$7, we got a box of nori fish bites (original price HK$11). Included in the value deal, were 6 pieces of Black pepper chicken, 3 hot wings, a box of Hot shots (fried chicken pops), three small rice bowls (white sauce chicken rice and hot sauce mushroom rice), 3 Portugese egg tarts, and 3 medium Pepsi cola. 

KFC Hong Kong black pepper fried chicken hot wings 響脆黑椒雞

The Black Pepper chicken was heavily flavored with black pepper. It is the same kind of rush that you would get with dishes made with an ample amount of chili pepper or wasabi. If you like black pepper, this is something you would have to try. However, the fried chicken was not very crispy. I had a peek into the kitchen and I saw large racks with fried chicken, which are kept warm. I kind of understand why they do that, as the amount of people that flood into restaurants during lunch and dinner hours is no joke in Hong Kong. But I wish I could have gotten freshly fried chicken, even if I needed to wait a bit longer, as it wasn't that busy when I went there.   

The hot shots were strangely enough not spicy at all. Maybe, they forgot to season it, or there is supposed to be a hot sauce to accompany it, but we didn't get it. Or maybe, the "hot" in the name doesn't mean spicy. They were flavorless and slightly too dry, fried chicken bites.   

The nori fish bites were a lot better. I could taste the fish flavor really well and the dried seaweed flavor tasted surprisingly good with the fish.

KFC Hong Kong hot shots fried chicken nori fish bites

The mini rice bowls are something that we don't have in the KFC restaurants in the Netherlands. It looked a bit funny at first, but after a while, I understood it. You really do need some soft and moist rice with the crispy and dry fried chicken. It is a golden combination.

Hong Kong rice bowls hot mushroom white sauce chicken portugese egg tarts

I also didn't expect to get Portugese egg tarts at the KFC restaurant, but they were the best tasting thing in this value deal. The pastry was warm and flakey and the egg filling was sweet and slightly caramelized.  

I ate the white sauce chicken rice and the mild flavors worked well with the Black Pepper fried chicken. The others ate the hot sauce mushroom rice and they said that the sauce was quite spicy. They needed to drink some cola to wash it down. The rice was really well cooked; not too dry or too soggy.

KFC Hong Kong white sauce chicken hot sauce mushroom

KFC North Point 
King's Road 402-404, North Point, Hong Kong
Opening hours: 7:00 - 22:00/23:00

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