Kingsday 2018

Every year, I try to create special Queensday (now, Kingsday) nails for my blog, but sadly, I didn't have any time to create one this year. To not let it pass unnoticeably, I did take a picture of the Kingsday sweet treats. The Kingsday donut with orange frosting and red, white, and blue (colors of the national flag) round sprinkles is from the Coop supermarket and the Kingsday tompouce with orange frosting and red, white, and blue chocolate curls is from the Lidl supermarket.

The donut was soft and airy, but the frosting and sprinkles didn't taste as good as it looked. The tompouce pastry had a firm and not too sweet cream and the chocolate curls were pretty decorations that added a nice crunch. The frosting was not that tasty and the pastry dough sheets had a slight burned flavor (like it was baked a little bit too long), but they were still crispy.  

Kingsday 2018 sweet treats tompouce donut orange red white blue flag colors sprinkles and chocolate curls

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