Sen-ryo sushi restaurant in Hysan place mall, Causeway Bay

After meeting up at the Times Square mall, we tried to find a place to have dinner in Causeway Bay. It felt like a deja vu, as I remember doing the same thing years ago, when I was a intern and living in Wan Chai. Back then, they took the time to visit me (living on my own for the first time and miles away from home), so I wanted to find a good restaurant to have dinner. I remember feeling really stressed and burdened by the task of finding a restaurant quickly. It was really hot outside and walking around for too long is very uncomfortable. I was also not that familiar with the area, even though Wan Chai was practically right next to it. I only went shopping on my free days during the weekend and all by myself, I never went to a large Chinese restaurant to eat.

After walking for a bit, we reached the Hysan place mall. There was a large board outside with small pictures and logos of the restaurants that you could find inside. There was a lot to choose from (there must be one that we would like), so we went inside. In the end, we decided on the Sen-ryo sushi restaurant. It is a more luxurious sister restaurant of the Watami restaurant, where we had a nice dinner a few days before.

Sen-ryo sushi restaurant Hysan place mall Causeway Bay Deluxe Sushi platter

As it is too much hassle to order the sushi separately, we ordered the sen-ryo Deluxe Sushi platter with 20 pieces of a variety of sushi (HK$360). From left to right and top to bottom: Fatty tuna, Jumbo red shrimp, Salmon, Tamago, Scallops, Olive flounder muscle, Tuna, Yellow tail, Minced Fatty tuna with chives gunkan, and salmon roe gunkan. The seafood was quite fresh; the textures of the fish slices was right and the sweetness of the shrimp and scallops was nice. But it is still a bit on the expensive side for the quality that we got.     

We also ordered the Dragon roll (HK$28), which is a vegetable & unagi inside-out roll with sesame seeds, topped with flying fish roe, and the Tuna roll (HK$22). It is only partially in the picture, as it was difficult to unnoticeably take professional foodie blog pictures and not look weird, during a family meal. It was easier with the sushi platter, as it is too beautiful not to take any pictures.

With our sushi, we drank hot green tea. There is a hot water dispenser at our table and a can with green tea powder, which we can freely use to refill our cups of green tea.

I am not sure if my uncle, aunt, and cousin actually like sushi (if not, thanks for accommodating to my taste). They were also the ones who treated me to this sushi meal as a thank you for the souvenirs. 

sen-ryo sushi restaurant Hysan place mall Causeway Bay Deluxe Sushi platter 20 pieces

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