Things to do near Changdeokgung palace

Although our hotel had a great location, we were too tired to go to all the touristic attractions in the neighborhood of the Changdeokgung palace and some were closed during the Chuseok holidays. It is a shame, but I did snap some pictures on the outside and I found some useful information about them. I couldn't go visit them, but I hope that with the information that I provided, you can. 

jongmyo shrine entrance seoul Korea mountain top
 Entrance of the Jongmyo shrine

- Jongmyo shrine was the primary place of worship for kings throughout the Joseon Dynasty. The ancient memorial service with dance and traditional music is annually re-enacted on the first Sunday of May. The guided tours have a duration of 1 hour. You are required to follow the guided tours on weekdays (except Tuesdays) and only on Saturdays, you are allowed to freely walk around. The general admission fee is 1,000 won (kids get half price). Free entry on the last Wednesday of the month and for visitors wearing hanbok (traditional Korean clothing). Note: closed on Tuesdays.

jongmyo park seoul korea
Jongmyo park

- Tteok museum is a place where about 2,000 Korean kitchen utensils and tteok related items are displayed. It is closed during Seollal and Chuseok holidays. Every day (except on Sundays), you can participate in the Foreigners Experience Programme and make tteok, kimchi, or other traditional Korean food. General admission fee is 3,000 won and there are separate fees for the courses. Operating hours: 10:00 - 18:00. Note: reservations by phone is required for the courses at least two days in advance and the costs of the courses vary from 20,000 won, 50,000 won, to 70,000 won per person.   

tteok museum seoul korea
institute of traditional Korean food seoul korea

- Kimchi museum is a place dedicated to everything there is to know about kimchi. The general admission fee is 5,000 won and an additional fee of 20,000 won, if you want to participate in making your own kimchi. It will be wrapped, so that you can bring it home with you. Every Wednesday (14:20-15:00), you can learn how to make whole cabbage kimchi, and every Thursday (14:20-15:00), you can learn how to make white kimchi. You do need to reserve by sending an email four days ahead of time. It is closed on Mondays and during holidays.

- Bukchon Hanok Village is a area full of traditional Hanok houses and it is located between the Changdeokgung palace and Gyeongbokgung palace. Bukchon 8 views were selected as perfect photo spots, recognizable by the emblem with Korean roof tiles and the jangdokdae (big jars to store soy sauce), to fully experience the beauty of it.


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