What I bought at Fortune Metropolis mall

Before I start with my highly anticipated blog posts about my first trip to Korea, I still want to finish the series of blog posts about North Point in Hong Kong with a blog post about the purchases that I made at the Metropole mall. Like I wrote before, the Metropole mall is mainly targeted to housewives (on a budget), but I was able to find some nice bargains there.         

Jindali jelly shoes melissa knockoffs dark blue with white splatter pink heart gold heart

First, I found these cute, Melissa jelly shoes knockoffs from Jindali on the ground floor of the Metropole mall, where there is a large shoe department with different kinds of shoe brands (a mix of not so famous brands and international brands). The jelly shoes are dark blue with white paint splatter and there is a pink heart with a gold heart decoration on the front. The shoes are not as comfortable as the Melissa shoes that I own, but I liked the design and it was only HK$99. 

For about the same price, I bought this t-shirt from the Giordano x Happiplayground collection. I just love panda bears and the print with two bears on a bike is funny. It just brings a smile to my face, whenever I look at it. I think it was from the men collection, but I didn't really care. I bought a large and I used it as sleep wear, during my trip.   

The reason why this blog post took so long and why I wanted to postpone this, was because I only had pictures of the shoe box, the shoes, and the t-shirt taken in very bad, yellow lighting at the Grandview hotel room. The shoe box was already thrown away (too bulky to keep in my travel luggage) and I couldn't find the t-shirt, after washing all my clothes from my trip and storing it away. The pictures are not in the quality that you are used to from my blog, but it will have to do. At least, I found the time to take a quick picture of the jelly shoes, before they became all worn out.   

Jindali shoe box giordano t-shirt panda bear on bike print

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