Yves Saint Laurent Beauty masterclass at Douglas store

Last Friday, I had a Yves Saint Laurent Beauty masterclass taught by international makeup artist Jody Sagsoz at a Douglas store in Rotterdam. The masterclass was centered on the newly released YSL Touche Éclat All-in-one glow tinted moisturizer and the YSL Encre de Peau All hours foundation. We were asked if we wanted the glow makeup look or the matte makeup look. I have a dry skin, which gets oily easily (in other words: difficult skin), and I don't really like the greasy looking glow that I often have, so I wanted a matte makeup look.  

YSL Beauty masterclass Douglas store in Rotterdam Netherlands YSL Encre de Peau ink foundation BR20 rosy beige touche eclat pen no. 2 eyeliner setting powder tatouage couture lipstain matte no. 13 true orange

 How to create the matte makeup look

1. Choose between the YSL Encre de Peau Fusion ink foundation and the YSL encre de peau All Hours foundation. I don't really need the foundation to stay day and night, nor do I need to walk through rain or survive a day at the pool. So, I chose the YSL Encre de Peau Fusion ink foundation. The makeup artist picked the color for me (I don't know how to find the right one myself), BR20 - Rosy Beige. I liked that you could barely feel it on your face and it covered redness and small blemishes quite well. But due to my dry skin, it looked great in pictures, but you could see the dry patches, when you look closely. A good primer or moisturizing cream could help.  
2. Depending on your skin condition, you can choose for full coverage or only a little bit to cover blemishes and redness. You get a more natural look by only putting a few drops along the jawline (the color of the face and neck should blend naturally), on the cheeks, on the sides of the nose, and on the forehead. Little goes a long way and it is better to use a little bit first and built more up later than using too much at once. Softly, blend the foundation with a makeup sponge in a patting motion (don't smear it out).
3. Use a bronzing powder to contour the face. Apply some under the cheekbone (imagine a line from the top of your ear in the direction of your nostril) and blend it out in a circling motion. Also, apply some under your jawline. Use the last bits of bronzing powder left on the brush to create a reversed 3 shape, from along the hairline, temple, under the cheek bone, next to the ear, to under the jawline and a little bit on the sides of the nose. (I skipped this step, as I don't have a defined cheek bone or jawline) 
4. Use the YSL setting powder, Poudre compacte radiance perfection universelle. It is a transparent powder, which works on all skin colors. It sets the face makeup and mattifies the skin. Use a big brush to brush the powder over your face.
5. Use the YSL Touch Éclat pen to cover the dark circles under the eye, highlight the nose bridge, and apply a bit around your lips and a bit under your eyebrow bone to bring them out more. Draw sunbeams under the eye and on the temple. Blend it out with your fingers in a patting motion.  
6. Use the YSL Couture Eyeliner to stamp a sharp tip a bit above the eye corner holding the eyeliner in a 45 degree angle and smear it along the eyelashes from outwards to the inside. Hold your mirror low and lean back with your head to create a larger surface to apply the eyeliner. It will create cat eyes with a lifting effect. In my case, I kept getting shaky lines, so I applied more eyeliner to correct it and it turned out really thick.   
7. On the lips, I applied the YSL Tatouage couture matte lip stain no. 13 - True Orange (a bright coral red). The makeup artist picked the color for me and I am surprised how well it looked on me. Right after application, it looked very bright and glossy, but after mattifying, it looked really pretty. It was comfortable on the lips (I couldn't feel it on my lips at all) and it was not very drying, which you often get with matte lip products.            

I filmed the whole beauty masterclass, as I often forget most of it, after I get home. It is very useful to look at it again, in the comfort of my own home and not under time constraints. It was seriously difficult to create even cat eyes with an eyeliner I am not used to and I needed to be fast too, as the masterclass was ending soon. For the people interested in the glow makeup look, I filmed that too and you can find the steps that I was able to note down from the video underneath.

I considered putting the video online, but without the explicit permission of the two masterclass participants, I don't feel that good about it. They don't have anything to be ashamed of though, as they looked like professional models with high cheek bones and defined jaw lines. Actually, I felt that everyone in the masterclass was pretty. The makeup also looked great on everybody, from light to darker skin color.   

How to create the glow makeup look   

1.  Apply the YSL Top Secrets Instant moisture glow base/moisturizer on your whole face with your fingers.   
2. Apply the YSL Touche Éclat All-in-one Glow foundation with a sponge in a patting motion on the jawline and around the eye area (on the cheek, along the nose, above the eyebrows, and along the temple).
3. Use the YSL Touche Éclat pen like in the above makeup look. 
4. Use the YSL Touche Éclat glow shot highlighter to add an extra bit of sparkle.
5. Use a bronzer like in the above makeup look.
6. Use the YSL Couture Eyeliner like in the above makeup look.
7. Nude colored lip stains would look the best with a glowing skin. 

Besides cute mini cupcakes topped with lips shaped decorations and bottles of mineral water (it was too early in the morning for champagne), we were also spoiled with a nice goodiebag.

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