Mother's day 2018

Like I wrote in yesterday's blog post, I went shopping with my mom on Mother's day and we had some tea and cakes at the La Place restaurant in the Hudson's Bay department store in Rotterdam. La Place had a special deal for La Place Extra members, as you get a free cake of choice with your hot drink in the Mother's day long weekend. The tea was only €2.35 per cup and we got the cakes worth €3 each for free.    

la place Hudson's bay Rotterdam tea and cakes strawberries

We picked one strawberry cake, which we tried in one of our previous visits, and one with fresh whipped cream and orange chocolate curls on top. Compared to before, the strawberries became smaller, but it looks prettier now. Before, it was a bit messy and now, it has the shape of a rose. The custard doesn't taste as good as before, but the added green pistachio nuts crumbs in the center makes it look more appetizing. As we already tried the strawberry cake before, we wanted to try something new. There were also an assorted nuts cake, a strawberry rhubarb cake, and a plain rice porridge cake. But we choose the one covered with whipped cream and with cute orange chocolate curls. We actually hoped that there was some orange jam underneath, but it had a Dutch sweet rice porridge dessert filling. It wasn't that bad, as it wasn't really sweet and very light. The whipped cream was fresh and tasty and the chocolate curls were crispy.   

Rotterdam covered shopping street beursstraverse koopgoot

We choose a table near the windows and we had a great view over the covered underground shopping street, the Koopgoot (aka beursstraverse). It was unusually quiet that day. It might be because of the weather warning of a big storm that was coming up later in the evening.

large elephant statue in Hudson's bay department store Rotterdam

Outside of the La Place restaurant in the Hudson's Bay department store, I discovered this large elephant statue and I couldn't help but take a picture of it. It is really beautifully made.

De Bijenkorf department store

We also paid a visit to De Bijenkorf department store close by, as they have a really large cosmetics floor with special Mother's day makeup touch ups and treatments. After their makeover, moms - looking at their best - can take a picture at the picture spot surrounded with beautiful bouquets of flowers.

bijenkorf rotterdam cosmetics floor flowers picture spot

It was a pity that we already had cakes, as the cakes at the La Ruche restaurant on the 2rd floor of De Bijenkorf department store looked amazing.

bijenkorf Rotterdam cakes butterfly chocolate gold
Bijenkorf pink mother's day cakes
Bijenkorf pink frose frozen ice alcoholic drink slushie

There was also a cute pink Mother's day drink called Frosé. It is an alcoholic slushy with a bright pink color, served in a champagne glass and with a black straw. 

market stands Rotterdam city center

There were also many market stalls on the streets and I liked this one with a large pile of stuffed animals. It is like a kid is selling his whole toy chest, as he is too grown up for it. I almost went home with the large blue dragon. 

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