My new Guess G Lux Status Satchel bag

Recently, I bought a new bag from Guess at the Hudson's Bay department store in Rotterdam. It is a black quilted bag with handles and a long shoulder strap. The suggested retail price is €145, but during the sale, it was 30% off, while Hudson's Bay members get another 10% off. So, it was only €91.35 and I also got a €10 voucher, which could be used for the next purchase, as you currently receive that with every purchase over €50.

Guess bag black quilted pink velour chair sostrene grene Hudson's bay department store Rotterdam sale discount

Considering that I almost bought it at full price, it was a complete bargain. I did have my mind set on the light pink version with silver metal work, but they didn't have it in display at the Hudson's Bay department store at the time, so I thought that they were all sold out. The next week, I saw that they did still have the light pink bag and it was on sale too. I should have asked if they still had other bags in the storage room or something. But I am happy with the black Guess bag too. The color is easier to match with clothes and it doesn't get dirty as easily. The Guess logo on the front isn't that obvious and the zippers close a bit better.

Although the black color is slightly boring, I really like the design of the bag. There are two zippered compartments (one in the front and one in the back), which are big enough to store my Ipad Air or my Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. I have been trying to move most of my work from my laptop to my tablets, so that I can work on the go without having a constant sore shoulder from carrying my laptop around in a handbag on one side of my shoulder, whereas you can divide the weight on two shoulders with a backpack. It also drains less energy from my body, as I don't have to walk around carrying such a heavy weight.

The space inside the bag is divided by a divider and there is a small zippered compartment on the back inner side like in most bags. On the front side, there are three pockets: one is large enough for the latest wide smart phones (the ones in my older bags are too narrow!), on top of that one is a smaller pocket for name cards and tickets, and the pocket next to that is narrower, but it can fit a pack of tissues or some pens (or lipgloss and mascara). In the back and on the outside of the bag is another zippered pocket, which can be used to store the public transport card or a small coin purse for snacks and drinks.                      

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