Snacks and drinks from the convenience store

After our visit to the Changdeokgung palace, we went back to our hotel rooms for a short break with snacks and drinks from the convenience store. That is the advantage of staying in a hotel in walking distance from a lot of sights. It was a lot of fun discovering what kind of products they have in Korea, which is different from my home country. At the 7-Eleven convenience store, we got these two bags of chips and some drinks.

haitai calbee honey butter chip maple syrup ribbed chicken sauce potato chips Korea

A few years ago, the Haitai (Korean company) x Calbee (Japanese company) Honey butter chip was such a hype in Korea that it was almost always out of stock. People even bragged on Instagram, when they were able to put their hands on a bag. This one with maple syrup flavor is a special edition for the fall season. It was the first time I tried anything from the Honey butter chip range, so I couldn't compare it with the original Honey butter chip. The potato chip was on the thin and dry side. To be honest, it actually reminded me a bit of paper. It doesn't mean that it isn't delicious, but it took me a bit of time to get used to it. The maple syrup flavor however was very distinguishable and it was fragrant. I don't know how to properly explain how maple syrup taste like for people that haven't taste it before, but some people told me that it is similar to a fragrant brown honey and a light caramel sauce and I agree with it. The flavor was pretty interesting and I wish I bought a few bags to take home as souvenirs.

The ribbed chips with chicken sauce flavor had more of a chicken marinade flavor than the chicken flavor than I wanted. The potato chip was thicker and crunchier than the honey butter chip though and more similar to the chips that I can get in the Netherlands. But I don't really think that the flavor is that special (not bad, but not super delicious).     

haitai calbee honey butter chip maple syrup ribbed chicken sauce potato chips Korea

I also discovered some drinks that I wanted to try out: a grand bottle of a Yakult like yogurt drink, a banana flavored makgeolli, and a peach juice.

grand bottle of yakult like yoghurt drink banana flavored makgeolli peach juice

The Yakult like yogurt drink was indeed really similar to Yakult, but it was on the sour side and less sweet. It tasted quite good. I think that adults would like this flavor more. The banana flavored makgeolli was also better than the regular makgeolli that I tried before. The banana flavor was not too chemical and it took away the sharper edges of the alcohol flavor. The peach juice was a random pick, but it was really refreshing and tasty. I even went to buy another carton afterwards.    

We also had a quick look in the GS25 convenience store that was closeby and we bought some onigiri for as snacks on the road. 

korean onigiri samgak kimbap new jeonju bibimbap gs25 convenience store

We bought two New Jeonju bibimbap onigiri (mixed rice) for 900 won each and a twin packaging with one tuna kimchi onigiri and one Jangjorim butter (sweet and salty soy sauce beef with butter sauce) onigiri for 1,600 won.

korean onigiri samgak kimbap tuna kimchi jangjorim butter gs25 convenience store

After a good rest, we went out to explore Myeongdong for the first time and we had dinner there.

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