Spring lunch at La Place

After tea and cakes on Mother's day, I visited the La Place restaurant in the Hudson's bay department store in Rotterdam again last weekend for lunch. There were homemade strawberry lemonade and lime-mint iced tea, which you can fill a glass with yourself at the dispensers. You can choose from small, medium, and large glasses. We got medium sized glasses of both drinks for €2.25 per glass. A large size glass is only a bit more expensive, for €2.45. They really reminded me of the homemade drinks you make yourself during a spring picnic or BBQ.

I really wanted to like the drinks, but they weren't ice cold, even though there were plenty of icecubes in the dispensers, and the flavors were a bit bland. The strawberry lemonade I tasted was like a diluted strawberry juice. The strawberry flavor was nice and natural tasting, but I miss the sweetness (maybe, you are supposed to put the sugar in it yourself?)  and the sourness of lemon. The lime-mint iced tea didn't have a strong enough tea flavor and it wasn't similar to a refreshing lemon iced tea, which we were kind of expecting.

We got two focaccia buns (my favorite bread at La Place), one with a tuna-mayonaise salad (€5) and one with smoked salmon (€6.50). We cut the buns in half and we got to taste both. Am I the only one who likes to try a bit of everything and to share food this way?

I liked the focaccia bun with tuna-mayonaise salad the most. The smoked salmon was a bit fishy, but on the long tables, we found some bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar and we sprinkled a bit of those on the bread. It immediately tasted better. The bun with the tuna-mayonaise was a bit softer and it matched with the soft texture of the filling. The bun with the smoked salmon was crispier on the bottom and I liked that with the firmer salmon.

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