Søstrene grene store: new pink velour chair!

I really like browsing at the Søstrene grene store in Rotterdam, as they regularly have new collections of home interior goods. The current Spring 2018 collection has pretty hues of green, blue, pink, and grey. When I saw this in the shop window, I couldn't help but go in and check it out.  

Søstrene grene store velour lined chairs shop window

The foldable, velour lined chairs come in 3 colors: pink, light moss green, and grey-blue.    

Søstrene grene store velour lined foldable chairs pink grey blue green

Previously, I shared a picture of the Søstrene grene round floor pillows in similar color schemes on my Instagram. I was thinking about getting a pink one, but I wasn't so sure if I should buy it, as I rarely sit on the floor and buying three to stack as a stool is a bit too expensive (€23.68 each). There is also a small bench with rounded corners in the collection with the same colors and fabric (€56.60). 

Søstrene grene store floor sitting pillows round
sostrene grene bench

But the foldable chair with soft pink velour lining is only €24.98, so I had no excuse not to get it. I really like the shape of the chair and how sturdy it is for a foldable chair. It is also light enough to carry to the balcony, when the sun is out. It is however a bit low, so it might not be as suitable for the dining table, but better for a small tea corner on the balcony, in the living room, in the bedroom, or in the garden. The matching glass topped side table (€36.40), also from Søstrene grene, would complete the set.       

Søstrene grene store pink velour lined foldable chair glass topped side table

Height of chair: 78 cm | Width of seat: 40 cm | Height of seat: 45.5 cm

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