Camera Japan festival in Rotterdam

The annual Camera Japan festival in Rotterdam will be from 26 until 30 September 2018 (4-7 October in Amsterdam) and ticket sales have already started. There is a large variety of films, such as romcom, teen slasher, documentary, thriller, drama, and yakuza, and anime with the central theme "Superstition", as it is the 13th edition. I have the following films on my short list: Kanazawa Shutter girl, Tremble all you want, and Ramen shop. There is also the film brunch (€16), which is held on Sunday, and you get to enjoy a nice Japanese brunch with fellow Japanese film fans at 11:00, before you watch the film.

During the Camera Japan festival, you get free entrance to LantarenVenster. You can visit the small pop-up market with Japanese products, have a look at the picture and illustration exhibitions, and participate or watch the Camera Japan quiz, which is held for the first time. I really wanted the play the Camera Japan quiz, but I need to find three teammates with excellent knowledge about Japan (where do you find people as crazy about Japan as me?)

There is also a nice selection of workshops: butoh (a Japanese dance, €20), matcha (green tea making and tasting, €25), sake tasting (€30), pickle (making Japanese pickled vegetables, €35), and Kids' day (Sunday afternoon activities for kids, €9).  I am interested in joining the matcha and pickle workshop, but it is quite expensive.

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