First Uniqlo store in the Netherlands

Late last month, Uniqlo finally opened a store in the Netherlands. The nearest Uniqlo store for me used to be in Belgium or in the UK or I had to resort to online shopping. I am really happy to see one of my favorite stores - for evergreen basics in all kinds of colors and quirky designs printed on t-shirts - set foot in Amsterdam. It will save me luggage space, when I come back from my trips to Hong Kong and Japan, as I always buy too much from the Uniqlo stores over there.

Uniqlo stor Amsterdam Netherlands Kalverstraat 11 entrance

The Uniqlo store is on the Kalverstraat 11, with a back entrance/exit on Rokin 12. It may sound familiar, as it is in the same building where the Forever 21 was and where I shot a video of the store opening a few years ago. I recommend entering from the Kalverstraat entrance, as it is more spacious and comfortable.

Uniqlo Amsterdam Netherlands store interior entrance

On ground floor, you can find men and women fashion, on first floor, women and kids fashion, and on second floor, men fashion and a large collection of printed t-shirts for men, women, and kids.

Uniqlo Amsterdam store kids fashion

Uniqlo Amsterdam men fashion

Uniqlo Amsterdam men fashion pants and shirts

Uniqlo Amsterdam store printed t-shirts

Uniqlo Amsterdam store printed t-shirts

I had a look around the store and I didn't find many interesting items yet. Mainly basics, which I already have a lot from Uniqlo, and the prices are a little bit higher than I am used to. I did buy two items, which I will share on my blog soon. I am looking forward to see new, beautiful collab collections and hopefully, a store in Rotterdam.

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