Pop-up store Louis Vuitton in Bijenkorf Rotterdam

Yesterday, Louis Vuitton finally opened a pop-up store in the Bijenkorf department store in Rotterdam. Before, you could only buy Louis Vuitton products in the pop-up store in the Bijenkorf department store in Amsterdam or the Louis Vuitton store in the P.C. Hooftstraat, Amsterdam. Or you could purchase from their official online store. But when it comes to luxury products, I think most customers want to be pampered by the sales person, to be able to touch the actual products (super soft leather!), and to leave the store with the beautiful, Imperial saffron shopping bags with blue handles.

Before, I have wanted to take my younger, female cousin from China bags shopping at the Bijenkorf, but the bag selection used to be targeted at older customers, so the designs and colors were on the old fashioned side with simple designs and safe colors. I didn't think she would find something she would like. It was better to shop in Amsterdam instead.

Now, things have changed a lot. The ground floor of the Bijenkorf in Rotterdam is like a paradise for women, with an enormous area for beauty and cosmetics, jewelry, bags and accessories. In one of the corners, you can also find a small cafe.

Soon, other luxury bag brands are expected to open their shop-in-shop stores too. But let's talk about the Louis Vuitton pop-up store first. The store is made up with metal bars and glass walls, resembling a rectangualar, vintage Louis Vuitton suitcase. It is located in the open department store shopping floor at the bag department and near one of the entrances (never seen so many security guards stationed there!). The glass walls are covered with cool and funky patches, travel stamps, and stickers, which refers to the brand's origin as a travel trunks maker.

At first glance, the selection is a bit small, but there is a little bit of everything: bags in different colors and styles (not just the whole line in the same style and print), things for men and women (almost equal share), suitcases and travel bags, a small area in the middle of the store with Louis Vuitton Home products such as chairs, a small jewelry display with bracelets and necklaces, and accessories like sunglasses and scarves. I am sure the sales person can help you if you want to purchase a Louis Vuitton product that cannot be found instore.

Regarding the shopping experience, I like how down to earth it is (typical for Rotterdam). It is very approachable with the wide and open entrances (anyone can just walk in without any hurdles), you can touch and lift anything you like without weird looks (everything is secured with wires), and it wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be. The only unusual thing that I noticed was that there were no price tags, but most people know that the prices are about €1000 or more and the people who can afford Louis Vuitton products probably shop without looking at prices.

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