KLM flight Amsterdam - Barcelona

In November last year, I went to Barcelona for a week. I flew with KLM airlines from Schiphol airport and it was quite comfortable. I mostly remember flying with KLM for the horrible red eye flights to Hong Kong. I don't know if it is, because I am very sensitive from when I was little, but everything bothers me: the vibrations and sounds the airplane makes, the air humidity and pressure inside the cabin, the scent of the food (and the heated containers), the toilets, the seats and blankets, the nausea I feel from travel sickness, and the angle of the seat, which squished my intestines together and hurt my back. I always needed a week to recover from it, but things have improved a lot. The airplane itself has improved a lot over the years and I have become more adjusted to travel. My last trip to Hong Kong with KLM wasn't that bad. I wore bracelets against travel sickness based on pressure points and for the first time, I actually had an appetite for food. I normally just eat the small sides, such as fruit, salad, and dessert, and I would feel very hungry, dehydrated (I try not to drink too much, as going to the toilet is bothersome), and weak, when I land. That's why I felt relieved that my family visits to Hong Kong was only once, every couple of years. Now, this has changed and I hope I won't become addicted to traveling.

As for my trip to Barcelona, it was only about a 2 hour flight. I have flown to Milan once with KLM (approximately a 1.5 hour flight) and I didn't feel uncomfortable, so I was confident enough to not wear the travel bracelets. Besides some minor discomfort, I got out of the plane in pretty good shape. The person traveling with me, who sat on the window seat (flight KL1665, seat 25A), did get ear pain from the trembling and noise from the exterior of the plane (due to the engine?). On the flight back, I sat on the window seat (flight KL1670, seat 15A) and I luckily, didn't have the same bad experience. The seat was thinner than what I can remember from previous flights, but very comfortable. The height was perfect for my short legs and my head and neck wasn't forced in an awkward position. The air was nice, not too stuffy or too hot or cold. Boarding the plane was quick and without problems. It didn't happen on the way to, but on the way back from Barcelona, the passengers were divided in zones to ease the boarding process. The passengers in the back could board first and slowly, the rest of the passengers boarded bit by bit, so that we wouldn't get into each other's way. I really liked it, as everyone got seated very fast and without irritations. The only problem was that there wasn't enough luggage space, as some passengers in the back put some of their luggage more in the front, but the stewardesses swiftly solved if by removing some backpacks and bags that can be stored under the seat in front of us and rearranging the luggage better to squeeze everything in. Even though it was such a short flight, we got a drink and a sandwich. Kudos for the cabin crew who served and cleared everything in lightning speed without making us feel rushed. I had apple juice and the sandwich had thinly sliced chicken in it, while on the way back, it had cheese. Extra points for the pretty, traditional Dutch box and napkin.

KLM flight Schiphol Amsterdam Netherlands Barcelona apple juice drink sandwich cheese tradition Dutch blue white print windmill napkin box

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