Breakfast in Barcelona

During our stay at Feel at home plaza apartments in Barcelona, we made our own breakfasts. Although we could eat out, we enjoyed starting our day calmly at our appartment. Either, we went out in the morning to the supermarket or bakery in the neighborhood to bring back something to eat, or we already bought some things the day before and we could stay in, until we finished our breakfast.

Barcelona Audrey bakery near Hostafrancs

Audrey is a bakery not far from our apartment and we bought these sweet pastries there. From left to right: chocolate filling pastry, vanilla cream pastry with crunchy almonds on top, apricot jam filling pastry, and airy pastry sticks covered with powdered sugar.

Barcelona bakery audrey fresh pastries chocolate vanilla cream apricot jam powdered sugar sticks

At the large Mercadona supermarket located in the basement of the Arenas de Barcelona shopping mall, we bought these two pastries from the bakery section. Although the shape is different, both have the same tuna-onion filling.

Barcelona savory pastries tuna onion filling mercadona supermarket

We also bought quail eggs (only €1.90 per box!), canned calamari with American salsa sauce, and canned clams there. We heated up the canned seafood together in a pan and put them on slices of baguette to create our own pinchos. After peeling the boiled quail eggs, we placed one on top of the pinchos. It tasted quite good together.

Quail eggs toast pinchos calamari tomato sauce clams meat tin en salsa Americana calamar

The baguette came from the Dia supermarket nearby. The baguette was discounted to €0.39 each and it was the really long kind and right out of the oven (warm and crispy!) too. So, we had to get three. :) With the iberico ham that we also bought at that supermarket, we made some sandwiches for lunch. The last bits of bread were finished during dinner.

Barcelona dia supermarket bread baguette iberico ham

From the Dia supermarket, we also bought the mini bocata atun huevo aceituna (savory pastries filled with tuna-onion filling), napolitana crema (vanilla cream filled pastries), and flauta de crema (long pastries filled with cream).

At the Superior Expres supermarket inside the Hostafrancs fresh produce market building, we bought the two boxes of sweet pastries with chocolate, vanilla cream, and apricot jam filling at a discounted price.

It wasn't as good as the freshly baked ones at Audrey bakery, but it was cheaper and almost as good. The abundance of crispy almond bits on top made up for some of it and the long pastries from the Dia supermarket were actually filled with cream, while the ones from Audrey bakery had nothing in them.

Barcelona supermarket pastries dia breakfast

Lastly, we bought four pasteis de nata (about €0.40 each) at the large Mercadona supermarket at gran via de les corts catalanes 181. They tasted as good as they look.

Barcelona pasteis de nata egg tarts breakfast mercadona supermarket

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