Douglas × Clinique iD masterclass

Clinique iD is a personalized moisturizer with three different kinds of hydrating bases, which can be combined with one of the five colorful cartridges that each have their own function. Although I am a big fan of Clinique skincare products, I haven't tried this new product line yet. That's why I felt really lucky to be invited to the Clinique training center in Maarssen for a masterclass with a delicious high tea. I also brought my mom along and it is the first time that we attended something like this together. It was a bit tricky to find where it was, as even though it is right outside the train station, the numbering of the street is not chronological. We passed a big name plate with 57, but we needed to go back and turn to the right inner corner. Luckily, we happened to see a bunch of girls, who were also going to the masterclass, and we could follow them.

The Clinique iD masterclass was really fun, as there was a lot of interaction and personal attention too. We, a group of 15 people, first started with getting some background info on the brand Clinique and then, the Clinique iD line was presented with cool video clips. We could also personally put the Clinique 3-step skincare system to the test with the scotch tape test. First, we applied the scotch tape on the back of our hand and following that, we looked at how it looked like after removal. The scotch tape applied on the back of the hand, after it was cleansed with the 3-step skincare system, was noticeably cleaner.

I blurted out the words "somewhat dirty", when the Clinique expert first demonstrated it on a girl in front of the group and asked us what we thought. Now, I realize that could have sounded a bit offensive.

I never really needed to care about someone else's feelings in the past, as I was always alone and nobody cared about my wellbeing either. You are supposed to treat others, how you like to be treated yourself and I am really harsh and strict to myself. I have also learned that when people do nothing and seem to look away, it is possible that they are too shocked to do something and don't know how to handle the situation. The things that happened in my childhood were also too heavy to share and bullies enjoyed isolating me and turning every possible friend against me. At first, I wondered why they did that, as I already decided to be alone and not burden anyone with the crazy things that only happen to me and not to everyone else, but now, I know that it is to crush my hope and to not let me have anybody to share my side of the story with. I really wanted to hate them, but they looked like they had everything working out for them, good looks, coming from a wealthy family, having lots of friends, and being smart, so how did they turn into such sadistic and hateful people? Does hatred really blind you so much that you cannot see things straight and use your own mind anymore? Just to stay on topic, I really hope that growing up made them see how they were manipulated by bullies and teachers and that they turned out not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well.

Near the end of the masterclass, the Clinique expert gave us personal advice on which base and cartridge to pick for our skin type and we received the personalized Clinique iD skincare set in our goodiebag.

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