Lunch at El patio de mi casa, Barcelona

After shopping at Glories shopping mall in Barcelona, we walked around and found the restaurant, El patio de mi casa. The menu del dia was only €11.90 per person and although the menu was solely in Spanish, the waiter did his best to translate and describe the dishes for us. I liked how the dishes were local and like homemade food. The interior also looked quite special, like someone's living room.

I had the salad and the spareribs and those two were quite good. The salad had lots of different textures and flavors and the tomato and nuts based, Xato sauce was not too sour or spicy. It was the first time, I tried such a sauce in a salad. The spareribs had tender meat and the honey marinade was not too salty, sweet, or outspoken. I was initially wary that I would not like the herbs and seasoning, as I don't like heavy spices and strong seasonings, but everything that I ate (I also had a small taste of the other dishes) didn't taste strange to me. The fries looked a bit bad, but tasted like fresh, handcut potato fries like the kind that you make yourself. Only, the desserts were not that impressive.

Restaurant El patio de mi casa
Carrer del Coronel Sanfeliu 17, Barcelona, Spain

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