Lunch at restaurant La Fonda, Barcelona

La Fonda was the first restaurant that I visited in Barcelona and during lunch time, like most restaurants in Spain, they have a menu del dia (a three course lunch deal with drinks included). I really liked the ambiance in the restaurant and the food was really nice, so we went to have lunch there for a second time during our short trip.

Our first lunch at restaurant La Fonda 

It was late afternoon, after we explored the beach and the famous shopping street, La Rambla, and we were quite hungry. We had never tried paella in Spain before, so we had to order that. After looking at their menu and value meals, two of us ordered the menu del dia (daily lunch deal) and the other two, the La Fonda menu (three course dinner meal) with paella and fideua as possible choices. The menu del dia was €11.75 per person, but we paid €0.75 extra per person to upgrade the drink to sangria and the chocolate cake with a scoop of ice cream was an extra €1.50 (really worth it!). The La Fonda menu (we asked if we could order the dinner meal, as it was late in the afternoon already) was €18.50 per person and it was value for money, as only a plate of paella can cost around €10-15 per person elsewhere. 

The second lunch at restaurant La Fonda 

The second time, we just ordered four menu del dia. We weren't that hungry and we wanted to see if spending only €11.75 per person (one supplement of €2.85 was added for the swordfish) would get us a filling meal. After getting a bit too tipsy from the sangria the last time, we also just stuck to soda. 

Restaurant La Fonda (website)
Carrer dels Escudellers, 10, Barcelona, Spain

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