Return of Xenos store in Rotterdam

Not too long ago, the Xenos stores in Rotterdam city center either changed into a Casa store or closed. Last week, Xenos returned at where the Big Bazar was located (in the basement, underneath the Blokker store, and close to the Mediamarkt). To celebrate the opening, they had various special deals, 25% off vouchers were handed out, and a yellow Xenos shopper was gifted with purchase.

Xenos Rotterdam yellow shopper storage boxes uggo bubblegum banana cream soda

The yellow Xenos shopper was a welcome surprise, as I decided to get one of their special opening deals: three plastic storage bins for €10. Luckily, I was able to squeeze the boxes in the bag, as carrying the boxes by the white, thin strap would have hurt.

At the food and drinks area of the Xenos store (my favorite part of the store), I found two flavors of Uggo drinks that I have never seen before: bubblegum and banana cream soda (€0.69).

Xenos Rotterdam glass bottle cup cake paper cups piping bag

I have gotten a bit paranoia after reading that you should not store any food or drinks in plastic containers. So, I have gotten myself a glass bottle (400 ml, €1.99). I am going to use it to store cold, homemade tea and lemonades during the summer.

My mom has started taking up the hobby of baking after retirement, so the paper cupcake cups (100 pieces, €0.99) and a plastic, reusable piping bag with 6 different nozzles (€2.99) are for her.

Xenos Rotterdam Nongshim honey apple flavoured twist snack ink pads black green

I was happy to see that the Xenos store still stocks a small selection of Nongshim products at a reasonable price, such as the four bags of snacks that I got before and Shin ramyun. For now, I only bought one bag of the Nongshim Honey flavoured twist snack - Honey and apple (€1).

Since I started bullet journaling, I have been collecting more stationery products than normal. I am too clumsy to use a stamp properly, but I will practice more often. The black and beautiful green ink pad come in a set of 2 (€1.79).

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