Songs from Fish Leong

One of my old blog articles from 2017 about the song "At least, I still have you" by Sandy Lam, is getting a lot of views lately. I don't know if it is, because a lot of people are under stress and need a good cry without suppressing their emotions, or that a lot of people just like this song. But if it is the former, I have another good recommendation for you. The songs from Fish Leong (梁静茹) have really helped me go through bad times. I have listened to all her songs non-stop and sang along until my voice became coarse. I tried finding her songs on YouTube before, but there wasn't that much and the MV's from that time (God, I feel so old now) are a pain to the eye in this 4K era. Luckily, I found YouTube videos of a recent Chinese TV show, Come Sing with me - Season 3, with Fish Leong. Underneath, you can find my favorite songs from her.

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