Review: hotel Nikko Dusseldorf

During Christmas, I stayed at the hotel Nikko Dusseldorf for 3 nights. It is walking distance from the Dusseldorf central station and it is across the street from the famous Takumi ramen shop. A lot of people choose this hotel just to be the first in line for a good bowl of ramen. Behind the hotel, you can find Hanoro market, a large Asian supermarket, where you can stock up on Korean snacks and drinks. Further down the street, I found Shochiku, a Japanese supermarket.

Hotel nikko dusseldorf beds sitting area

The really comfortable beds can be moved apart by yourself and there are flexible reading lights and sockets to charge your electronics at each side of the bed. Besides a large writing desk and a matching chair, there is also a small sitting area with a comfortable chair, where you sit back and relax, watch some TV or read a magazine.

Hotel nikko dusseldorf toilet sink shower

The bathroom was quite large and clean. The toilet is strangely really low to the ground, but still okay for short girls like me. The rain shower has nice water pressure and the water got hot quickly. Toiletries were provided, but missed toothpaste and a toothbrush. I really like the mirror with lights on both sides and the wide sink with enough space to put things. There was also a wall hairdryer.

Hotel nikko dusseldorf mini fridge coffee machine TV bench

The mini fridge in the room wasn't very big, as it could barely fit the 0.5 litre bottle of cola without touching the back wall. I like that the mini fridge is empty on arrival, so that I could place my 2 litres carton of mineral water in there. Friends have told me that it is strange that I bring that with me. But I need my water and the tap water might not taste as good as in the Netherlands. I was glad that I did take it, as the coffee machine in the room doesn't dispense plain water, only hot coffee or tea. The TV screen and wide bench was very useful for our Switch gaming nights, as the Switch could get connected to the TV and the bench made it possible for four people to be seated.

Breakfast buffet was included with our hotel stay and it is from 6:30 - 10:30. Since the central heating in the room made it quite hot at night, I couldn't sleep very well the first day. I woke up really early, so I was able to have a long breakfast, trying a bit of almost everything.

Hotel nikko dusseldorf breakfast buffet

From left to right: bacon, omelet, scrambled eggs, miso fish, and rice (not that special), Althaus sencha green tea (favorite tea flavor there), warm sunny side up and a variety of hams and cheeses, apricot cake and chocolate bread, fresh fruit, pancakes (tasty!) and warm mini sausages (like the red ones more than the brown ones).

Hotel nikko breakfast buffet pastries miso soup fish

From left to right: large chocolate muffin, donut, chocolate croissant, apple crumble pie strips, hot miso soup, miso fish, red and brown sausages, bread, herring, salmon (without dille was tastier), and cup with pineapple compote.

My favorite breakfast items were a cup of sencha green tea, the red mini sausages, the sunny side up eggs, the fresh fruit and yogurt, the pineapple compote, the pancakes with some blueberry compote or honey (the strawberry rhubarb compote was a bit too sour), apple juice and orange juice, and the salmon and herring.

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