Where to have dinner in Dusseldorf during Christmas

During Christmas and on Sundays and Mondays a lot of restaurants are closed in Dusseldorf, so you need to plan ahead of time. Check which restaurants are open and what the (possibly limited) opening hours are by looking up their websites or calling them personally.

We didn't have any restaurant reservations, but we managed to walk in at Takumi, Pozangmatcha, and Takumi Tonkotsu without waiting too long. Underneath, you can find the prices of what we ordered at the three places.


Takumi monthly special : duck shoyu ramen €15.80
Takumi's special miso ramen €13.80
Takumi's special spicy miso ramen €14.80
Tokyo ramen modern style €11.80
Karaage (fried chicken chunks) €5.80 for 5 pieces
Gyoza (dumplings) €4.80 for 6 pieces
Cup of hot green tea €2
Kirin beer (300 ml) €3.80


Soy sauce fried chicken €18
Cheese ribs €18
Kimchi fried rice €10.80
Cup of yuzu tea €2.90

Takumi Tonkotsu

Miso tonkotsu ramen with black garlic oil €12.80
(I started to love black garlic oil ramen since my last visit to Ippudo in Hong Kong)
Takumi tonkotsu ramen €9.80
Takumi red tonkotsu €10.80
Small bowl of teriyaki chicken (when you order ramen) +€3 
Japanese curry rice with Teriyaki chicken, miso soup and salad €12.80

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